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WIKI - Idle Pixel

Idle Scripts, sometimes called User Scripts or Plugins, are bits of Javascript code that can modify some behavior or aesthetics of Idle Pixel. Most of them use Tamper Monkey as a script manager.

Tamper Monkey

Tamper Monkey is a user-script manager and is supported in all major desktop browsers, as well as a few mobile browsers. You can install it at https://www.tampermonkey.net/. Once installed, you can click on the corresponding icon in your browser's plugin bar to access various options, such as enabling/disabling scripts and the Dashboard. Greasy Fork is a repository to host these scripts which allows you to search for and download updates for your scripts. To install a script from Greasy Fork, simply click the install (or update) button on the url listed below. Once installed, you will need to refresh your game for the script to take effect. For scripts not hosted at Greasy Fork, you may need to manually enter them into a new script in Tamper Monkey's Dashboard.

Scripts by Anwinity

Name Description
IdlePixel Chat Links Allows you to press links from chat, join the future.
IdlePixel Private Messages Adds /m command for private messages. Note that this does not use the /pm command because smitty will (presumably) add that eventually.
IdlePixel Var Viewer Easily view all game variables in a table.

Scripts by Dounford

Name Description
IdlePixel Audio Alerts Allows players to set audio alerts based on variables

Scripts by GodofNades

Name Description
IdlePixel Activity Log Tweaks Adds a new activity log to the top next to player count and introduces a new Activity Log modal.
IdlePixel Chance2Hit - GodofNades Fork Adds chance-to-hit indicators in combat.
IdlePixel Chat Functions - GodofNades Fork Added personal mute functionality to chat. Usernames can be right clicked in chat and added. Must use settings menu to remove.
IdlePixel Color Blind Adds in functionality for Guardian One if color blind.
IdlePixel Combat Damage Tracker IdlePixel Combat Damage Tracker for those that want to know how their weapons are doing
IdlePixel Completionist Tweaks Adds some additional functionality to the completionist screen.
IdlePixel Keybinds - GodofNades Fork Adds customizable keybinds for panel switching, casting spells in combat and starting combat in the different areas.
IdlePixel Loot Log Tweaks Moving the Loot Log into a container like IdlePixel Fixed had with 'Tab' as the button to open.
IdlePixel Slap Chop - GodofNades Fork Ain't nobody got time for that! Adds some QoL 1-click actions.
IdlePixel UI Tweaks - GodofNades Fork Adds some options to change details about the IdlePixel user interface.
IdlePixel XP Calculator - GodofNades Fork Calculator for various exp related stuff.

Scripts by Lux-Ferre

Name Description
IdlePixel Armour Uncrafter Uses needle to uncraft all armour pieces
IdlePixel Bait Thrower Opens x amount of bait at once and collates the loot
IdlePixel Chat Highlighter Highlights messages containing specified words
IdlePixel Chat History Adds the previous 5 chat messages when you log in
IdlePixel Chat Markdown Adds support for some markdown into chat
IdlePixel Custom Interactor Sends, receives, and displays CUSTOM websocket frames
IdlePixel Database Link Remover Stops items being turned into database etc links in chat
IdlePixel Loot Popup Remover Stops vanilla loot popups, leaving only loot log
IdlePixel No More No Arrows Suppresses the green text animation when you're out of arrows
IdlePixel Notes Panel Adds a panel for storing semi-persistant notes
IdlePixel+ Overview Panel Single panel to control many skills
IdlePixel Pinger Adds a chat command that pings other players
IdlePixel Sigil Randomizer Randomizes sigil after every message
IdlePixelPlus Config Backup Creates a panel for backing up IP+ Configs
IdlePixel All the Gems! Opens all gem bags with a right click, collating their loot into a single popup

Scripts by Kape142

Name Description
IdlePixel Fixed Adds activity log and an on/off for loot pop-ups.

Scripts by MissNobody

Name Description
IdlePixel Lucky Calculates how lucky you are with your drops.

Scripts by Shtos

Name Description
Quick Cookbook Right click cook book to claim and start the same recipe.

Scripts by Wynaan

Name Description
IdlePixel Market Overhaul - Wynaan Fork Overhaul of market UI and functionality.
IdlePixel Chat Overhaul Overhaul of chat UI and functionality. Compatible with UI Tweaks.

Scripts by Zlef

Name Description
IdlePixel Shut Up, Alt Never accidentally send a message on an alt again. Add usernames in the plugin options and chat entry will be disabled on the account.

Archived Scripts

Name Author Description
IdlePixel Chance2Hit Anwinity Adds chance-to-hit indicators in combat.
IdlePixel Keybinds Anwinity Adds customizable keybinds for panel switching and casting spells in combat.
IdlePixel Quick Fight Buttons Anwinity Adds some options to change details about the IdlePixel user interface.
IdlePixel UI Tweaks Anwinity Adds some options to change details about the IdlePixel user interface.
IdlePixel Market Overhaul - GodofNades Fork GodofNades Overhaul of market UI and functionality.
IdlePixel Select Monster Potion in Combat Tab - GodofNades Fork GodofNades Adds in functionality to trigger Select Monster/Select Monster+ potions in the combat tab. Also adds in ability to trigger Combat Loot Potion and Rain Potions in combat. This is a fork of the shtos Rare Potion in Combat Tab script.
Dropchance Combat lordminimus Adds dropchance to combat book
IdlePixel Easter 2023 Tracker Lux-Ferre Tracks which eggs have been crafted & notifies for bunny
Exp calculator Shtos Calculator for various exp related stuff.

Scripting Framework Information

Name Description
IdlePixel+ IdlePixel+ is a plugin framework designed for Idle Pixel. Many of the below plugins are created using this library. As a user, you do NOT need to install this. It is for the plugin developers. More info at: https://anwinity.com/idlepixelplus/