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Oil is a primary resource when Mining where it is used to run all types of Mining Machinery. After Crafting the Oil Wells or Oil Factory, the player will start to receive oil in a steady rate.

Oil production may also be further increased by completing Mining related Achievements.

Oil Silos OilSilo1.png

Oil Silos increase the total oil the player may have at once.

Image Name Crafting Level Required Oil Capacity Cost to Craft
Silver Oil Silo
7 CraftingSigil.png
100 Oil.png
3 SilverBar.png
Gold Oil Silo
20 CraftingSigil.png
1 000 Oil.png
20 GoldBar.png
Promethium Oil Silo
46 CraftingSigil.png
10 000 Oil.png
20 PromethiumBar.png
Titanium Oil Silo
67 CraftingSigil.png
25 000 Oil.png
10 TitaniumBar.png
Ancient Oil Silo
67 CraftingSigil.png
50 000 Oil.png
10 AncientBar.png

Oil Wells IronOilWell.png

Oil Wells increase the production of oil per second.

Image Name Crafting Level Required Oil/second Cost to Craft
Bronze Oil Well
1 CraftingSigil.png
1 Oil.png
10 BronzeBar.png
Iron Oil Well
11 CraftingSigil.png
2 Oil.png
25 IronBar.png
SilverOilWell.png Silver Oil Well
17 CraftingSigil.png
3 Oil.png
50 SilverBar.png
Gold Oil Well
38 CraftingSigil.png
5 Oil.png
50 GoldBar.png
Promethium Oil Well
50 CraftingSigil.png
10 Oil.png
50 PromethiumBar.png
Titanium Oil Well
72 CraftingSigil.png
25 Oil.png
20 TitaniumBar.png
Ancient Oil Well
83 CraftingSigil.png
40 Oil.png
20 AncientBar.png

Oil Factory OilFactory.png

The Oil Factory allows the player to hire workers GatheringWorker.png who will collect additional oil per second.

Worker cost Oil.png Oil per worker Max # of workers Resources needed to Craft
40 000 Coins.png
2 Oil.png
25 000 Stone, 250 Silver Bars, 50 Gold Bars.

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