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Achievements are unlocked by completing the Achievements quest, the third quest in the game. Each skill has its own set of objectives and perks. Achievements come in four tiers: Easy, Medium, Hard, Elite. Only Easy, Medium and Hard achievements have currently been released.

List of all perks

Skills Perks
Mining Increases your oil capacity by 500.
Crafting 10% chance to create a second bar when smelting.
Gathering Ability to hire a worker to search other areas for you.
Farming 10% chance that planting any seed will instantly grow.
Brewing 20% chance that drinking a potion will not consume it.
Fishing Ability to craft fishing boats.
Cooking Every log now gives +1 heat when burned in your oven.
Woodcutting 10% chance of getting a tree seed when chopping a tree.
Combat Access to the easy tier combat badges.
Skills Perks
Mining Mining machinery use 35% less oil. (rounded up)
Crafting -1 stardust per xp when converting bars.
Gathering Doubles the speed at which you find gathering bags, also doubling XP.
Farming +2 leaves during harvest.
Brewing Ability to drink an extra active potion, adding to the timer.
Fishing Fishing boats now give fishing XP.
Cooking 25% more energy from all fruits.
Woodcutting 10% chance of getting a fruit tree seed when chopping a fruit tree
Combat Access to the medium tier combat badges.
Skills Perks
Mining Ability to find Stardust Prisms
Crafting Obtain double the lava you collect from volcano.
Gathering Ability to choose where your gathering worker goes.
Farming Chopping trees on your farming plots can now give strange leaves.
Brewing Ability to craft an XP Brewing Mixer, Brewing mixer will allow you to gain exp from specifik potions.
Fishing Ability to find bottled Treasure Maps from all fishing boats.
Cooking You now keep the skin when eating fruits, to produce compost to attract worms.
Woodcutting Ability for very rare special trees to start growing. (Bone Tree, Lava Tree and Strange Tree)
Combat Access to the hard tier combat badges.
Skills Perks
Mining GIFT: Automatically obtain a massive excavator.
Crafting GIFT: Automatically obtain a dragon furnace.
Gathering Unlocks a new gathering area: Castle.
Farming GIFT: Trowel tool allowing you to find vegetable seeds.
Brewing Ability to brew the infinite oil potion. (2x Oil Income)
Fishing GIFT: Submarine to explore the ocean floor.
Cooking Ability to prepare vegetable shakes.
Woodcutting Chopping regular trees while having a rain active will yield flexible logs.
Combat Access to the elite tier combat badges.

List of all achievements


Sell exactly 500 stones to the NPC shop.
Sell exactly 250 copper to the NPC shop.
Find a sapphire.
Mine some silver using drill.
Have a crusher running.
Sell exactly 500 gold to the NPC shop.
Convert 50.000 or more stardust into mining EXP in one go.
Find a emerald.
Mine some promethium ore using a giant drill.
Sell exactly 50 promethium to the NPC shop.
Convert 1,000,000 or more stardust into mining XP in one go.
Find a ruby.
Mine some Titanium Ore using an excavator.
Blow up the mines with a TNT bomb.
Crack open a red geode.
Convert exactly 3 jades into mining XP.
Send your rocket with a destination lower than 300,000 km.
Find 10 or more cyan geodes.
Have 15 running mining machines at the same time.
Mine 10 meteors.
Crack open an ancient geode.
Mine a total of 30 ancient ore using giant excavators.
Obtain 2000 or more stone by cracking geodes in one go.
Convert the mineral blood crystal into mining XP.
Find a shooting star from the moon.
Find a shooting star from the sun.
Find a diamond.


Upgrade your bronze oil well.
Load your oven with 22 copper ore.
Smelt an iron bar using copper. (use a smelting upgrade potion)
Smelt a gold bar.
Smelt a promethium bar.
Have a capacity of 1600 or more oil.
Convert excactly 500 gold bars into XP.
Use a charcoal foundry.
Craft excactly 10 iron buckets.
Smelt a titanium bar.
Convert excactly 10 titanium bars into XP.
Add 100 stardust logs into the titanium foundry.
Have 200 or more charcoal in your inventory.
Convert a titanium bar into XP with a diamond hammer.
Convert 500 gold bars into XP while having the full crafting skilling outfit.
Smelt an ancient bar.
Craft an ancient silo.
Have 15 plasma on you.
Convert an ancient bar into XP with a diamond hammer.
Craft exactly 500 buckets in one go.
Add 50 or more titanium ore in an ancient furnace.


Have 6 different gathering bags on you.
Collect 5000 junk in one go.
Create a sapphire using only fragments.
Obtain a lime seed from the forever fields.
Have 10000 of each gathering area's loot bags. (a total of 60000 bags)
Collect a total of 500.000 junk.
Find a unique fishing tool from the quiet pond.
Collect a total of 40,000 gathering bags using the gatherer.
Collect a total of 50,000 bags from each area. (Total, not owned)
Open friendly forest bags and obtain 20 or more big bones in one go.
Find the pirate monoculars.
Collect a total os 100,000 gathering bags using the gatherer.
Have 50k of each gathering bags on you.
Obtain all fragments of the dark diamond.
Bring back to life the robot.
Upgrade your magnet to diamond.
Create a ruby or a diamond using fragments.
Navigate within Faradox's castle.
Obtain 80,000 or more gathering bags from the merchant in one trade.


Harvest a total 6 dotted green leaf seeds in less than 40 minutes.
Clear a dead crop.
Upgrade your rake with a gem.
Add exactly 85 normal bones into your bonemeal bin.
Harvest some gold leaves.
Upgrade your rake to at least ruby.
Add 5 ice bones to your bonemeal bin.
Have three oak trees planted and growing.
Harvest 24 seeds in less than 2 minutes.
Harvest palm tree seeds and obtain at least 4 coconuts from them.
Harvest redwood tree seeds.
Have 3 crystal leaves patches growing.
Harvest palm tree seeds and obtain at least 4 coconuts from them.
Add blood bones to the bonemeal bin.
Harvest some shiny mushroom.
Harvest a special tree.
Instant grow a tree or fruit tree seed that is at least level 60.
Grow 3 gold leaves in one watering can session.
Add exactly 100 blood bones to the bonemeal bin in one go.
Upgrade your farming watering can to diamond.
Loot willow tree seeds from a normal/blood ent and plant them in the following 15 seconds.


Drink and trigger 5 rare monster potions.
Drink a farming speed potion while having all your farming plots with red mushrooms growing.
Drink a stardust potion which has a timer greater than 6 minutes. (Requires a sapphire+ brewing kit)
Have 6 potions running at once.
Make 10 potions in one go.
Drink and use a very rare monster potion.
Brew exactly 100 potions in one go.
Obtain a total of 200 bones from drinking bone potions.
Trigger the triple promethium potion.
Drink a super stardust pot. while its timer being at 9:00 or higher. (Requires a diamond+ brewing kit)
Trigger the triple titanium potion.
Trigger the geode potion 15 times.
Have 18 potions running at once.
Have the rocket potion active as you land on the moon.
Reroll a blue orb.
Reroll a green orb.
Reroll a red orb.
Trigger a guardian key potion.
Trigger the combat loot potion on the blood golem in the volanco.
Trigger the triple ancient ore potion.
Collect from the birdhouse with maximum seeds while having the birdhouse level potion active.
Add 25 of each flower to the beehive in one go.


Fish a total of 50 shrimp.
Have 8 different type of raw fish on you.
Upgrade your fishing net with a sapphire.
Catch a very rare fish.
Catch a fish using fishing bait.
Catch any shiny fish.
Catch a fish with the fishing rod.
Send a row boat at least 30 times.
Have 12 types of raw fish on you (excluding shinies)
Add or swap your fish in the aquarium with sardine.
Feed fish fish after they go hungry in less than 1 minute.
Feed fish using bait 15 times.
Catch a whale.
Catch a shiny piranha.
Have both your row boat and stardust fish out at sea.
Catch a large stardust fish.
Add or swap your fish in the aquarium with piranhas.
Send your stardust boat out to the sea 50 times.
Capture 10 evil pirate and have them in your inventory.
Have 10 different raw shiny fish on you at one time.
Toss mega bait 3 times.
Find any type of fish in a red treasure chest.


Successfully cook some food without the recommended cooking level.
Cook exactly two anchovies.
Have 300 heat or more in your oven.
Burn maple logs in your oven.
Successfully cook some meat obtained from a wolf.
Successfully cook exactly two shiny shrimps
Use an oven booster with 100 pine logs.
Use exactly one normal log on your furnace and gain 3 heat. (Requires the easy cooking perk + Heat potion (25 brewing), adding more than one log at once also activates the achievement)
Cook a piranha.
Eat some bananas.
Eat a golden apple.
Cook a rainbow fish or a whale.
Cook 2 or more sharks in one go.
Fail to cook shrimp in a promethium oven or better.
Make some pancakes.
Prepare 15 banana jellos.
Obtain chicken eggs without using the gathering skill. (Blood chicken)
Loot a cooked chicken from combat with blood moon active.
Prepare a dragonfruit salad.
Consume exactly 2 coconut stews.
Eat a shiny shark while fighting a shark OR eat a shark while fighting a shiny shark.
Obtain 1000 fruit skin in one go by eating fruit.


Chop a total of 10 normal trees.
Grow a normal tree in less than 20 minutes. (Requires a tree speed potion (8 brewing))
Have 3 oak trees fully grown.
Chop a willow tree and get at least 20 willow logs.
Chop a normal shiny tree.
Chop a total of 5 pine trees.
Chop down an orange tree.
Obtain stardust from logs.
Chop down a total of 11 different type of trees.
Obtain at least 17 bananas from one tree.
Chop a palm tree and loot the seed.
Chop a total of 25 redwood trees.
Chop a total of 600 trees.
Chop a total of 480 oak trees.
Chop a total of 350 willow trees.
Chop a total of 280 maple trees.
Chop a total of 175 stardust trees.
Chop a total of 100 pine trees.
Chop a total of 80 redwood trees.
Get a strange leaf from any special tree.
Have 100 dense logs on you.
Have 3 stardust trees fully grown at the same time in woodcutting plots.
Chop the tree from the castle (Floor 1).
Obtain a shooting star from chopping a stardust tree.


Kill all the monsters in the field.
Wear full lizard armour.
Complete the quest: Thieves Leader.
Kill an ent only using arrows.
Cast the heal spell 50 times in total.
Kill a goblin in the caves while having a lantern equipped.
Kill a skeleton in the caves with one melee or archery hit.
Kill an enemy in the caves in the dark.
Kill the yeti 10 times.
Hit a 14 with arrows. (Requires Ice arrows against a fire monster)
Hit an 8 using the fire spell.
Unfreeze yourself when fighting the yeti (without reflect).
Kill any monster while Blood Moon is active.
Kill one of Faradox's guardians
Kill a ghost while being invisible when it dies.
Equip three gold rings. (defence, accuracy, damage)
Equip one promethium ring.
Have your hero equip items for melee damage of 22 or more.
Start a fight in the volcano while wearing some moonstone gear.
Cast the firespell while having a magic bonus of 6.
Equip any ancient ring.
Obtain all drops from blood volcano monsters except sigils.
Complete the robot master waves 10 times.
Kill guardian 1 with a rapier.
Loot some mega bait from fighting at the beach.
Upgrade your fight points to diamond.
Kill a blood ent with a battle axe.
Trigger the blood bone amulet on the blood skeleton.
Have 50,000 or more ghost essence on you.
Kill a ghost in the mansion in one hit.
Kill a crocodile without using any main hand weapon for the duration of the fight.