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Woodcutting is a type of skill which is used to gain logs from chopping down trees. Different types of trees will give better logs which could be used in crafting or cooking.

These are the types of trees which may be chopped:

Image Tree Type Log Type Level Required Additional Requirements XP Given Additional Loot given
Tree.png Tree Logs.png 1 - 1 000 xp -
OakTree.png Oak Tree OakLogs.png 15 - 2 000 xp -
AppleTree.png Apple Tree Logs.png 30 Fruit Tree Fertilizer FruitTreeFertilizer.png 4 000 xp Apples Apple.png
WillowTree.png Willow Tree WillowLogs.png 30 - 4 000 xp -
MapleTree.png Maple Tree MapleLogs.png 45 - 10 000 xp Maple Syrup MapleSyrup.png
BananaTree.png Banana Tree Logs.png 50 Fruit Tree Fertilizer FruitTreeFertilizer.png 12 000 xp Bananas Banana.png
StardustTree.png Stardust Tree StardustLogs.png 60 - 15 000 xp Stardust Stardust.png is given when burning Stardust Logs
OrangeTree.png Orange Tree Logs.png 65 Fruit Tree Fertilizer FruitTreeFertilizer.png 20 000 xp Oranges Orange.png
PineTree.png Pine Tree PineLogs.png 70 - 13 000 xp -
PalmTree.png Palm Tree Logs.png 80 Fruit Tree Fertilizer FruitTreeFertilizer.png 20 000 xp Coconuts Coconut.png
RedwoodTree.png Redwood Tree RedwoodLogs.png 80 - 18 000 xp -

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