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WIKI - Idle Pixel

Here is a list of all of the weapons available within the Idle Pixel universe.


Click on sword of choice and go to the slashy place!

WoodenSword.png SkeletonSword.png Scythe.png


Click on dagger of choice and go to the stabby place!

Stinger.png PoisonStinger.png IronDagger.png


Click on a bow of your choice and be sent to the springy place!

WoodenBow.png LongBow.png HauntedBow.png


Click on a picture below and get bonked!

Club.png SpikedClub.png


Click on a staff of your choice and be sent to the magical place!


WoodenSword.png Weapons & Offhand SkeletonShield.png
Weapons WoodenSword.png Wooden Sword SkeletonSword.png Skeleton Sword Scythe.png Scythe

Stinger.png Stinger PoisonStinger.png Poison Stinger IronDagger.png Iron Dagger Club.png Club SpikedClub.png Spiked Club
WoodenBow.png Wooden Bow LongBow.png Long Bow HauntedBow.png Haunted Bow
WoodenStaff.png Wooden Staff

Offhand Lantern.png Lantern SkeletonShield.png Skeleton Shield
Melee weapons in Blue Archery weapons in Green Magic weapons in Purple