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WIKI - Idle Pixel

GodofNades: The Maestro of Forks

When Anwinity, the Lord of QoL, stepped down, the pixel realm was on the brink of a codepocalypse. Enter God of Grenades, better known as GodofNades, the Maestro of Forks and the Artisan of New Age Scripts. With his trusty wand, he breathed new life into Anwinity's legacy, updating classics while launching his own game-changers like IdlePixel Combat Damage Tracker.

BotofNades: The Swiss Army Bot

But here's the kicker: GodofNades summoned BotofNades, a mechanical vessel armed with commands from 🚀!rocket to ⚔!combat. It's not just a bot; it's a Swiss Army knife of pixel realm magic. If GodofNades is the new light, BotofNades is the lantern carrying that light across the pixel kingdom.

The Legacy Continues...

And so, the torch (or should we say, the exploding nade?) has been passed. The road ahead is bright, and it's all thanks to GodofNades and his loyal BotofNades.