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Treasure maps can be found once the player has bought a Pirate from the Game Shop after crafting the Community Center 2 upgrade. After the Treasure Map is completed, players will receive a Treasure Chest.

Please find the clues and the solutions. to the riddles. These contain spoilers.

TreasureMap.png Treasure Map Clues & Solutions
Clue Solution
A fruit a day keeps the doctor away. Eat an Apple.
A shop, with green coins. Go to the Donor Shop.
Au to the shop! Sell Gold Ore to the Game Shop.
Choo Choo in a hot place. Ride the minecart to the volcano
Drill drill crusher. Have only 2 Drills and 1 Crusher activated.
I really wish my crops grew faster. Drink a Farming Speed Potion.
Metal into XP Convert a bar into experience.
One sip one star, another sip another star. Drink a Stardust Potion.
Sell me: VII silver. Sell 7 Silver ore or bars (?).
tsevrah a: dees fael emil Harvest a lime seed.
WILL you sell an item? OW that hurt! Sell a willow log.