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Toolkit is a special type of tool, obtained while Gathering within the Gem Mine.

The toolkit may also be upgraded with Gems, which will allow the player to break down higher level weapons or amulets as per below, all of which are useful for Invention.

Input Item InventionSkill.png Level Required to Disassemble Toolkit Needed (Gem)
Stinger.png Stinger
10 InventionSkill.png
Toolkit.png (no Gem)
IronDagger.png Iron Dagger
20 InventionSkill.png
SapphireToolkit.png (Sapphire.png)
SkeletonSword.png Skeleton Sword
30 InventionSkill.png
EmeraldToolkit.png (Emerald.png)
BoneAmulet.png Bone Amulet
40 InventionSkill.png
 ?? InventionSkill.png
RubyToolkit.png (Ruby.png)
 ?? InventionSkill.png
DiamondToolkit.png (Diamond.png)