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Stardust is a type of resource which is used to upgrade skills by turning materials into XP. It is possible to get stardust from the Stardust expert quest reward if the player chooses that reward. The main sources of Stardust are - brewing stardust potions, growing Stardust Seeds, burning or selling Stardust Logs to the Game Shop and a few others.

Stardust Potions

The Stardust Potion, Great Stardust Potion, Super Stardust Potion and Ultra Stardust Potion can be used to gain Stardust over time.

Level Required Materials Needed Description/Effect XP Given Default Duration
1 BrewingSkill.png
3 Dotted Green Leaves DottedGreenLeaf.png
Gain 10 stardust Stardust.png every second.
75 xp
5 minutes
13 BrewingSkill.png
10 Green Leaves GreenLeaf.png, 3 Lime Leaves LimeLeaf.png, 35 Red Mushrooms RedMushroom.png
Gain 100 stardust Stardust.png per second.
1 925 xp
5 minutes
25 BrewingSkill.png
10 Green Leaves GreenLeaf.png, 3 Gold Leaves GoldLeaf.png, 200 Red Mushrooms RedMushroom.png
Gain 300 stardust Stardust.png every second.
4 400 xp
5 minutes
50 BrewingSkill.png
20 Lime Leaves LimeLeaf.png, 8 Gold Leaves GoldLeaf.png, 300 Red Mushrooms RedMushroom.png
Gain 1000 stardust Stardust.png every second.
12 900 xp
5 minutes

Stardust Seeds

Stardust Seeds may be found with a Rake via the Farming skill.

Grows into Level Required Stops dying at level Grow time XP upon harvest Bonemeal required
Stardust Stardust.png
Cannot die
20 minutes
222 xp

Stardust Logs

Stardust Logs are obtained from a Stardust Tree. The amount is dependent on the level of your Axe and whether you have bound the log orb.

Image Stardust
StardustLogs.png 2000 - 6000

Stardust Fish

Stardust fish are gathered from the Stardust Ship.

Image Size Stardust
Small 50k - 100k
RawMediumStardustFish.png Medium 100k - 200k
RawLargeStardustFish.png Large 250k - 500k

Stardust Prisms

Image Size Stardust
SmallStardustPrism.png Small 1 000-2 000
MediumStardustPrism.png Medium 20 000-40 000?? (20 809-37 434 confirmed)
LargeStardustPrism.png Large 100 000-200 000? (109 761-189 294 confirmed)
HugeStardustPrism.png Huge 2.2M-2.8M? (2 472 834 confirmed)

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