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Sigils are special symbols, which may be used to show off the rare monster kills or Skills within the player chat under the game area. Currently, all Monsters will drop sigils at a constant 1/1000 (0.1%) rate, with the exception of quest Monsters, which cannot drop sigils.

Monster Sigils

The following sigils may be gained from these Monsters:

Chicken ChickenIcon.png Rat RatIcon.png Spider SpiderIcon.png Lizard LizardIcon.png Bee BeeMonster.png Snake SnakeIcon.png Ants AntsMonster.png Wolf WolfIcon.png Ent EntIcon.png Thief ThiefIcon.png Bear BearIcon.png Goblin GoblinIcon.png Bat BatIcon.png Skeleton SkeletonIcon.png Fire Hawk FireHawkIcon.png Fire Golem FireGolemIcon.png Fire Snake FireSnakeIcon.png Fire Witch FireWitch.png Ice Hawk IceHawkIcon.png Ice Witch IceWitchMonster.png Ice Golem IceGolemIcon.png Yeti YetiMonster.png Ghost GhostIcon.png Grandma SkeletonMageIcon.png
Exorcist ExorcistIcon.png Reaper ReaperIcon.png Shark SharkIcon.png Sea Soldier SeaSoldier.png Puffer Fish Pufferfish.png Saltwater Crocodile SaltwaterCrocodileIcon.png Gem Goblin GemGoblinIcon.png Blood Moon BloodMoon.png

Level 100 Sigils

Players will also automatically receive sigils, when one reaches level 100 in any skill.

These are the skill sigils currently obtainable within Idle Pixel:

Mining MiningSigil.png Crafting CraftingSigil.png Gathering GatheringSigil.png Farming FarmingSkill.png Brewing BrewingSigil.png Woodcutting WoodcuttingSigil.png Cooking CookingSigil.png Fishing FishingSigil.png Melee MeleeSkill.png Archery ArcherySkill.png Magic MagicSkill.png

Discontinued & Old Event Sigils

Previously received Sigils from already closed down Diamond Hunt games may also be used in the game, if the player has received them within the game series at any given point.

These sigils are (mouse over for additional informations):

Diamond Hunt MMO Special Event Diamond Hunt MMO Special Event Diamond Hunt MMO Special Event Diamond Hunt MMO Special Event Diamond Hunt 2 Special Event Diamond Hunt 2 Special Event Diamond Hunt 2 Special Event Diamond Hunt 2 Special Event

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