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Poison Stinger Dagger

Stinger Dagger

The Poison Stinger Dagger is a weapon that is the upgraded version of the Stinger Dagger. Requires Crafting level 60 to be crafted but this is actually done via the Combat tab (by clicking on the Poison resource, and you will need 4 of them for the craft)

As the lesser version it will hit your opponents 3 times if you successfully hit through their defense, but it also gives the player a 33% chance each hit to deal an additional 4 poison damagesPoison (ignoring defense).

PoisonStingerDagger.png Weapon Stats PoisonStingerDagger.png
Accuracy Melee Damage Speed Melee level needed to equip
4 Accuracy.png
2 (x3) Melee.png
3 BunnySigil.png (Normal)
60 MeleeSkill.png
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