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Orbs BlueEmptyOrb.png[edit]

Orbs have a 1/36 chance per slot to be looted when opening a chest, See Chests and keys.

Tool name Loot Description/Effect
Oil Well Orb Chests BlueOilWellOrb.png Will double all Oil Well income.
Oil Silo Orb Chests BlueOilStorageOrb.png Doubles your current max on Oil Silo
Woodcutting Orb Chests BlueWoodcuttingOrb.png gives a 10% chance for a tree to regrow when chopped.
Leaf Orb Chests BlueFarmingOrb.png gives a 10% chance for plants to regrow once harvested.
Hammer Orb Chests BlueHammerOrb.png -2 Stardust for every exp.
Pickaxe Orb Chests BluePickaxeOrb.png -2 Stardust for every exp.

Shining Glass Orb ShinyGlassBall.png[edit]

Shiny orbs are crafted unlike the other kind of orbs which are found through Chests each orb will cost you 10x Molten Glass and you can craft a total of 4 orbs (one of each kind).

Tool name Cost Description/Effect Magic Exp Magic level
Woodcutting shiny orb 10x Molten Glass 1x Maple Log ShinyGlassBallLogs.png 1% chance that any tree will become a shiny when growth starts. 1000 Magic exp 10
Farming shiny orb 10x Molten Glass 1x Gold Leaf ShinyGlassBallLeaf.png 1% chance that any seed will become a shiny when growth starts. 1500 Magic exp 15
Fishing shiny orb 10x Molten Glass 1x Raw Piranha ShinyGlassBallFishing.png 1% chance that any fish caught can become a shiny. (does not include fish from boats.) 1000 Magic exp 20
Monsters shiny orb 10x Molten Glass 1x Skull ShinyGlassBallMonsters.png 1% chance that any monster encounter will become a shiny. This includes Gem goblin. 3000 Magic exp 25