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Harvested from either Oil Wells or Oil Factory and is needed for most if not all the machinery in Diamond hunt. Oil is needed to power most if not all machinery in DHP.

Oil can be further increased by either achivement (mining easy achivement increases max oil by 500 or Silos.

Your own max Oil amount is 10.

Oil Silo OilSilo1.png[edit]

Name Oil.png Capacity Cost
Silver Oil Silo 100 3 SilverBar.png
Gold Oil Silo 1000 20 GoldBar.png
Promethium Oil Silo 10000 20 PromethiumBar.png

Oil Wells IronOilWell.png[edit]

There are currently a few Oil Wells available

Name Oil.png/s Cost
Bronze Oil Well 1 10 BronzeBar.png
Iron Oil Well 2 25 IronBar.png
Silver Oil Well 3 50 SilverBar.png
Gold Oil Well 5 50 GoldBar.png
Promethium Oil Well 100 50 PromethiumBar.png

Oil Factory OilFactory.png[edit]

The Oil Factory allows you to hire workers who will collect oil for you. Oil Factory can be crafted at Crafting Level 25 and costs

Name Worker cost Oil.png/ worker Max # of workers Cost
Oil Factory 40 000 Coins.png 2 5 25 000 Stone, 250 Silver Bars, 50 Gold Bars.