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Monsters are killed to obtain XP and loot. There's a 1/5 (20%) chance of encountering a rare monster in any areas.

Magnus's Combat Guide may also be used as a guide on how to fight the monsters more effectively!


Regular Monsters

Chicken ChickenIcon.png

Rat RatIcon.png

Spider SpiderIcon.png

Rare monsters

Lizard LizardIcon.png

Bee BeeMonster.png

Blood Fields

Regular Monsters

Blood Chicken BloodChicken.png

Blood Rat BloodRatIcon.png

Blood Spider BloodSpider.png

Rare monsters

Blood Lizard BloodLizardIcon.png

Blood Bee BloodBeeIcon.png


Regular Monsters

Snake SnakeIcon.png

Ants AntsMonster.png

Wolf WolfIcon.png

Rare monsters

Ent EntIcon.png

Thief ThiefIcon.png

Blood Forest

Regular Monsters

Blood Snake BloodSnakeIcon.png

Blood Ants BloodAntsIcon.png

Blood Wolf BloodWolfIcon.png

Rare monsters

Blood Ent BloodEntIcon.png

Blood Thief BloodThiefIcon.png


Regular Monsters

Bear BearIcon.png

Goblin GoblinIcon.png

Bat BatIcon.png

Rare monsters

Skeleton SkeletonIcon.png

Blood Caves

Regular Monsters

Blood Bear BloodBearIcon.png

Blood Goblin BloodGoblinIcon.png

Blood Bat BloodBatIcon.png

Rare monsters

Blood Skeleton BloodSkeletonIcon.png


Regular Monsters

Fire Hawk FireHawkIcon.png

Fire Golem FireGolemIcon.png

Fire Snake FireSnakeIcon.png

Rare monsters

Fire Witch FireWitch.png

Blood Volcano

Regular Monsters

Blood Fire Hawk BloodFireHawk.png

Blood Fire Golem BloodFireGolem.png

Blood Fire Snake BloodFireSnake.png

Rare monsters

Blood Fire Witch BloodFireWitch.png

Northern Fields

Regular Monsters

Ice Hawk IceHawkIcon.png

Ice Witch IceWitchMonster.png

Ice Golem IceGolemIcon.png

Rare monsters

Yeti YetiMonster.png

Haunted Mansion

Regular Monsters

Ghost GhostIcon.png

Grandma SkeletonMageIcon.png

Exorcist ExorcistIcon.png

Rare Monsters

Reaper ReaperIcon.png


Regular Monsters

Shark SharkIcon.png

Sea Soldier SeaSoldier.png

Puffer Fish Pufferfish.png

Rare Monsters

Saltwater Crocodile SaltwaterCrocodileIcon.png

Other Monsters

Faradox guardians

The Mummy MummyIcon.png

Skeleton Archer FaradoxGaurdian3.png

Special Monsters

Special shout out to the Legacylife, the one and only player to ever get killed by a Gem Goblin. May he be a warning to all others, dont forget your bear fur in cold regions.

Gem Goblin GemGoblinIcon.png

Blood Gem Goblin BloodGemGoblinIcon.png

Evil Pirate EvilPirate.png

Quest Monsters

Tank TankMonster.png (only available during the Tank(boss) Quest)

Ent Boss EntMonster.png (only available during the Ent(Boss) Quest)

Thief Leader ThiefLeader.png (only available during the Thieves Leader Quest)

Ghost Miner GhostMiner.png (only available during the The Ghost Miner Quest)