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Mining Mining

Mining is a skill used for obtaining ores, gems and oil. Mining Machinery or the Pickaxe are the primary method to obtain ores. Mining XP can be obtained by converting ores with the Pickaxe. Stardust Prisms can also be obtained from mining after completing the hard mining achievements.

Iron.png Ores

Ores are the primary resource obtained from the mining skill, and can be sold, used to craft Bars, or used to obtain mining XP. Socketing a Gem into the Pickaxe reduces the amount of stardust needed, but does not change the amount of ores needed.

Ore Stone.png Copper.png Iron.png Silver.png Gold.png Promethium.png Titanium.png AncientOre.png DragonOre.png
MiningSkill.png XP per item 0.1 1 5 10 25 100 300 ???? ????
Coins.png Game Shop Sell Price 1 2 3 5 10 50 300 1000 ????

Oil.png Oil

Oil is an important resource for Mining which is used to operate all Mining Machinery. It is obtained by Oil Wells and the Oil Factory and can be increased by upgrading the Oil Wells. Only a finite amount of oil can be stored at once, which can be increased by upgrading the Oil Silo.

Drill.png Mining Machinery

In the beginning, regular player will have a chance to receive Stone Stone.png at a rate of 1/10 (10%), Copper Ore Copper.png at a rate of 1/19 (5.26%) and Iron Ore Iron.png at a rate of 1/3600 (0.027%) every second. The rates and the ores obtained may change upon having the Mining Machinery as per below:

Icon Machine Mining Level Required Oil Oil.png Cost/Machine Ores Mine Maximum machinery crafted
1 MiningSkill.png
1 Oil.png
Stone.pngCopper.png Iron.pngSilver.png
10 MiningSkill.png
3 Oil.png
Stone.pngCopper.png Iron.pngSilver.pngGold.png
Giant Drills
25 MiningSkill.png
8 Oil.png
60 MiningSkill.png
15 Oil.png
Giant Excavators
80 MiningSkill.png
30 Oil.png
Massive Excavators
Elite Achievment MiningSkill.png
100 Oil.png

Sapphire.png Gems

In addition to ores, miners will begin to find gems after the player finishes the Gem Seeker quest. Gems can be sold for coins or used to upgrade the effect of tools. The amount of Mining Machinery being used does not affect the chance of receiving gems.

GreyGeode.png Geodes

Geodes are rare resources that may be obtained randomly from Mining after obtaining the Chisel from Gathering within the Desert Mines. Finding rarer geodes also required a higher Mining level as well as better gem slotted onto the Chisel.

Every Geode may be cracked with a different chance to receive new Minerals, which may be used to craft Rings for Combat. If not for Crafting Rings, the player may convert the Minerals to free Mining XP.

Upgrading the Chisel with Gems will also allow the player to obtain higher-level geodes.

These are the possible Geodes which may be obtained from Mining:

Geode Chisel Type Required Mining Level Required
to obtain and crack
Rarity Average per Day Possible Minerals
GreyGeode.png Grey Geodes Chisel.png (Basic Chisel)
20 MiningSkill.png
BlueMarble.png / Amethyst.png / SeaCrystal.png
BlueGeode.png Blue Geodes SapphireChisel.png (Chisel slotted with Sapphire.png)
35 MiningSkill.png
DenseMarble.png / Fluorite.png / ClearMarble.png
GreenGeode.png Green Geodes EmeraldChisel.png (Chisel slotted with Emerald.png)
50 MiningSkill.png
Jade.png / LimeQuartz.png / Opal.png
RedGeode.png Red Geodes RubyChisel.png (Chisel slotted with Ruby.png)
70 MiningSkill.png
PurpleQuartz.png / Amber.png / SmoothPearl.png
CyanGeode.png Cyan Geodes DiamondChisel.png (Chisel slotted with Diamond.png)
85 MiningSkill.png
Sulfer.png / Topaz.png / Tanzanite.png
AncientGeode.png Ancient Geodes DiamondChisel.png (Chisel slotted with Diamond.png)
90 MiningSkill.png
MagnesiumMineral.png / FrozenMineral.png / BloodCrystalMineral.png


The chance to get minerals from each geode is as follows: (Thanks Agro for collecting the data)

Defense: 50% (1/2)

Damage: 25% (1/4)

Accuracy: ~11% (1/9)

Mineral Geode Rarity Conversion
Ring Crafting Level
for Ring
BlueMarble.png Blue Marble
GreyGeode.png Grey Geodes
Common MiningSkill.png 1 000 WeakDefenceRing.png Weak defence ring
CraftingSigil.png 40
Amethyst.png Amethyst Uncommon MiningSkill.png 2 000 WeakDamageRing.png Weak damage ring
SeaCrystal.png Sea Crystal Rare MiningSkill.png 5 000 WeakAccuracyRing.png Weak accuracy ring
DenseMarble.png Dense Marble
BlueGeode.png Blue Geodes
Common MiningSkill.png 3 000 DefenceRing.png Normal defence ring
CraftingSigil.png 50
Fluorite.png Fluorite Uncommon MiningSkill.png 8 000 DamageRing.png Normal damage ring
ClearMarble.png Clear Marble Uncommon MiningSkill.png 15 000 AccuracyRing.png Normal accuracy ring
Jade.png Jade
GreenGeode.png Green Geodes
Common MiningSkill.png 5 000 GoodDefenceRing.png Good defence ring
CraftingSigil.png 60
LimeQuartz.png Lime Quartz Uncommon MiningSkill.png 10 000 GoodDamageRing.png Good damage ring
Opal.png Opal Rare MiningSkill.png 20 000 GoodAccuracyRing.png Good accuracy ring
PurpleQuartz.png Purple Quartz
RedGeode.png Red Geodes
Common MiningSkill.png 8 000 GreatDefenceRing.png Great defence ring
CraftingSigil.png 70
Amber.png Amber Uncommon MiningSkill.png 16 000 GreatDamageRing.png Great damage ring
SmoothPearl.png Smooth Pearl Rare MiningSkill.png 30 000 GreatAccuracyRing.png Great accuracy ring
Sulfer.png Sulfer
CyanGeode.png Cyan Geodes
Common MiningSkill.png 10 000 PerfectDefenceRing.png Perfect defence ring
CraftingSigil.png 80
Topaz.png Topaz Uncommon MiningSkill.png 25 000 PerfectDamageRing.png Perfect damage ring
Tanzanite.png Tanzanite Rare MiningSkill.png 100 000 PerfectAccuracyRing.png Perfect accuracy ring
MagnesiumMineral.png Magnesium
AncientGeode.png Ancient Geodes
Common MiningSkill.png 25 000 AncientDefenceRing.png Ancient defence ring
CraftingSigil.png 90
FrozenMineral.png Frozen Mineral Uncommon MiningSkill.png 50 000 AncientDamageRing.png Ancient damage ring
BloodCrystalMineral.png Blood Mineral Rare MiningSkill.png 200 000 AncientAccuracyRing.png Ancient accuracy ring


Bomb.png Bombs

This bomb is not very useful in combat. Detonating it would kill both you and the enemy. It can be used as a mining method, detonating deep into a mine.

The bombs may be obtained from the Volcano as a drop from the Fire Golem. It can may detonated in the inventory to obtain various kinds of loot, such as Copper Ore Copper.png, Silver Ore Silver.png, Gold Ore Gold.png, Promethium Ore Promethium.png, Promethium Bars PromethiumBar.png and etc.

Tnt.png TNT

TNT may detonated be obtained from the Ghost Miner after killing it and is used in the same matter as the Bomb, but allowing to gain even better loot, such as rare Geodes or Titanium Ore.

Tnt.png Loot Table Tnt.png

Image Item Name Amount Dropped Rarity
GreyGeode.png Grey Geode 3 - 6 Always
BlueGeode.png Blue Geode 3 - 6 Always
GreenGeode.png Green Geode 3 - 6 Always
RedGeode.png Red Geode 3 - 6 Always
CyanGeode.png Cyan Geode 1 1/100 chance

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