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Mining is a skill used for obtaining ores, gems and oil. Mining Machinery or the Pickaxe are the primary method to obtain ores. Mining XP can be obtained by converting ores with the Pickaxe.


Ores Iron.png are the primary resource obtained from the mining skill, and can be sold, used to craft Bars, or used to obtain mining XP. Socketing a Gem into the Pickaxe reduces the amount of stardust needed, but does not change the amount of ores needed.

Ore Stone.png Copper.png Iron.png Silver.png Gold.png Promethium.png
MiningSkill.png XP per item 0.1 1 5 10 25 500
Coins.png Game Shop Sell Price 1 2 3 5 10 50


Oil.png Oil is an important resource for Mining which is used to operate all Mining Machinery. It is obtained by Oil Wells and the Oil Factory and can be increased by upgrading the Oil Wells. Only a finite amount of oil can be stored at once, which can be increased by upgrading the Oil Silo.

Mining Machinery[edit]

Icon Machine Mining Level Required Oil Oil.png Cost/Machine Ores Mine Maximum machinery crafted
Drill.png Drill 1 MiningSkill.png 1 Oil.png Stone.pngCopper.png Iron.pngSilver.png 3
Crusher.png Crusher 10 MiningSkill.png 3 Oil.png Stone.pngCopper.png Iron.pngSilver.pngGold.png 3
GiantDrill.png Giant Drill 25 MiningSkill.png 8 Oil.png Silver.pngGold.pngPromethium.png 3


In addition to ores, miners will begin to find gems Sapphire.png after the player finishes the “The Gem Seeker” quest. Gems can be sold for coins or used to upgrade the effect of tools. The amount of Mining Machinery being used does not affect the chance of receiving gems.



This bomb is not very useful in combat. Detonating it would kill both you and the enemy. It can be used as a mining method, detonating deep into a mine.

The bombs may be obtained from the Volcano as a drop from the Fire Golem.

It can may detonated in the inventory to obtain various kinds of loot, such as Copper Ore Copper.png, Silver Ore Silver.png, Gold Ore Gold.png, Promethium Ore Promethium.png, Promethium Bars PromethiumBar.png and etc.

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