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Magic Magic

Unlocked by buying the staff from Game Shop. Every 10 levels gives +1 max mana with easy combat perk. Mana does not regenerate during combat.


Spells give a variety of effects when cast during Combat. After casting a spell, it will be placed on a cooldown which varies for each spell, during which time that spell cannot be cast again. All spell cooldowns are reset after finishing a fight. Spells can be cast by clicking on their respective icon. Spells can be cast in between attacks and the effects are performed instantly, rather than waiting on the next combat tick, meaning that they can be cast in between combat ticks.

Note: Until the mansion shop is unlocked, the staff is the only source of magic bonus, meaning equipping a staff is the only way to cast fireball. Once reaper armour is obtained, once piece can be equipped to cast it. With improved fireball, magic bonus causes it to do more damage.

Icon Name Mana Cost Cooldown (seconds) XP Effect Require Magic Bonus Require Magic level
HealSpell.png Heal Click on this and go to quests look for "Faradox's Introduction" for details. 2 ManaCrystal.png 5 25 Heal 1 instantly during combat.

Grandma upgrade scroll with 40 Magic: Heals 3 instantly during combat.

0 1
FireSpell.png Fire Spell (Click on Fire spell and see where it drops.) 3 ManaCrystal.png 5 35 Deals 0-5 damage.

Blood Fire Snake upgrade scroll: Deals 0-5 + magic bonus (6-11 at max).

Fire spell deals double damage to Ice monsters.

1 1
ReflectSpell.png Reflect (click reflect and check out the quest "Fire Witch's Sister") 1 ManaCrystal.png 30 70 Reflects the next attack from the enemy back to them. 0 25
InvisibleSpell.png Invisibility (click Invisibilty to see drop.) 2 ManaCrystal.png 30 100 Lets you go invisible for a couple of seconds, avoid all damage. 0 35

Magic Leveling Guide

The following guide is to assist with how to level your magic using the "Fields Reflect" method. The prerequisite to this is having level 25 magic and at least the Reflect spell.

Location: Fields
Armor: Highest defensive armor (Bat Skin or Crocodile Armors)
Rings: Equip all rings you have
Weapon: Bow with no arrows and Skeleton Shield if you have it.
Spells: Reflect ( MagicSkill.png 25) at first and Invisibility ( MagicSkill.png 35) if you have it unlocked

Step 1: Start a fight in Fields
Step 2: Use Reflect and Invisibility every 30 seconds until out of mana
Step 3: Repeat step 2 until out of mana. When out of mana, Swap to a melee weapon and kill the monster
Step 4: Repeat

Notes: If you do not have invisibility yet, you can just use Reflect until you have unlocked invisibility. This process is not a quick one since there is a 30 second cooldown between each cast.

To calculate the amount of XP you will make using this method keep in mind that Reflect is 70 xp and 1 mana and Invisibility is 100 xp and 2 mana. So if you are using both its 170 xp and 3 mana total per set casted.

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