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Unlocked by buying the staff from Game Shop. Every 10 levels gives +1 max mana with easy combat perk. Mana does not regenerate during combat.


Spells give a variety of effects when cast during Combat. After casting a spell, it will be placed on a cooldown which varies for each spell, during which time that spell cannot be cast again. All spell cooldowns are reset after finishing a fight. Spells can be cast by clicking on their respective icon. Spells can be cast in between attacks and the effects are performed instantly, rather than waiting on the next combat tick, meaning that they can be cast in between combat ticks.

Icon Name Mana Cost ManaCrystal.png Cooldown (seconds) XP Effect Require Magic Bonus
HealSpell.png Heal 2 5 25 Heal 1 instantly during combat. 0
FireSpell.png Fire 3 5 35 Deals 0-5 damage.

(double damage to Ice monsters)

ReflectSpell.png Reflect 1 30 70 Reflects the next attack from the enemy back to them. 0
InvisibleSpell.png Invisible 2 ?? ?? Lets you go invisible for a couple of seconds, avoid all damage. 0