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Gems are rare resources that may be obtained randomly from Mining or by combining 10 gem fragments obtained from gatheringwithin the Gem Mine. The player will only start finding gems after finishing the The Gem Seeker quest, however, the Mining Machinery does not have to be mining for the player to find gems. This means that unlike Ores, running more Mining Machinery will not increase your chance at finding gems. In fact, nothing in the game can boost your gem luck rate; it is purely luck.

There are 5 types of gems which can be found: Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby, Diamond, and Blood diamond.

Image/Gem Rate (Per Tick) Rate (Per Day) Average Gems / 100 Days Coins.png Sell to Game Shop
Sapphire.png Sapphire
1/100 000
10 000 Coins.png
Emerald.png Emerald
1/250 000
25 000 Coins.png
Ruby.png Ruby
1/500 000
50 000 Coins.png
Diamond.png Diamond
1/1 000 000
100 000 Coins.png
BloodDiamond.gif Blood diamond
1/25 000 000
2 500 000 Coins.png


Upgrading Tools


Gems can be used to upgrade all Tools, to provide increased rates, decreased Stardust costs (e.g., Pickaxe and Hammer), or otherwise enhanced effects for that tool. Gems must be "socketed" in a tool with the Socket Scroll in ascending order, from Sapphire to Emerald to Ruby to Diamond. Blood diamonds can't be socketed. Because they provide permanent buffs, it is generally advised to use all gems to upgrade your tools first, before using them for other purposes. It is generally advised to first upgrade your Brewing Kit, Axe, and Fishing tools.

Treasure Chest Keys


Gems can be used to craft the Treasure Chest Keys, which are used to obtain loot from Treasure Chests. Higher tier gems will provide more rolls on the loot table when opening the Treasure Chest. Because of the relative rarity of obtaining Treasure Maps, it is generally advised to use at least an Emerald Key when opening Treasure Chests, if not higher.

Selling of Gems

Gems can be sold either to the Game Shop or the Player Market. Lower tier gems (Sapphires and Emeralds) generally only sell for slightly above the Game Shop on the Player Market, but Rubies and Diamonds sell for significantly more on the Player Market.

Gems Diamond.png
Sapphire.png Sapphire Emerald.png Emerald Ruby.png Ruby Diamond.png Diamond BloodDiamond.gif Blood diamond

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