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Gathering is a type skill which allows to gather loot bags in various areas. A lot of essential items are obtained through this activity, but it is also possible to receive junk.

Gathering may be unlocked by buying 1 leather from the Game Shop at a cost of 80 coins.

It is currently possible to visit these areas for loot bags:

Area Skill Required Unique Items Level required to get Uniques/Rarity Other Items
Desert Mines Mining Broken Rake, Chisel Broken Rake - level 3 (very common), Chisel - level 50 (rare) Junk, stone
Forever Fields Farming Watering Can Watering Can - level 75 (very rare) Junk, bones, seeds
Friendly Forest Woodcutting Axe, Fruit Tree fertilizer, Machete Axe - level 20 (common), Fruit Tree fertilizer - level 40 (uncommon), Machete - level 70 (uncommon) Junk, big bones, leaves, logs
Quiet Pond Fishing Fishing Rod, Harpoon Fishing Rod - level 30 (rare), Harpoon - level 60 (rare) Junk, seaweed, bait
Goblin Kitchen Cooking Cook's Book Cook's Book - level 50 (rare) Junk, maggots
Gem Mine All Socket Scroll Socket Scroll - level 20 (uncommon) Junk, stone, gem fragments

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