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Fishing is a type of skill which is unlocked after completing The Fisherman quest. This skill allows the player to catch different types of fish with a few types of fishing equipment.

All fish may be caught from level 1, but their rarity varies.

Fish need to be cooked in order to gain energy Energy.png from them.

Fishing Equipment[edit]

Fishing Tools[edit]

Fishing Net FishingNet.png

Fishing Rod FishingRod.png

Harpoon Harpoon.png


Fish may also be caught with boats, which may be created via the Crafting skill. Boats will bring random fish, increasing in rarity for each boat.

Image Boat Type Crafting Level needed to obtain Duration
RowBoat.png Row Boat 24 CraftingSigil.png 3 Hours
Canoe.png Canoe 39 CraftingSigil.png 6 Hours
StardustShip.png Stardust Ship 60 CraftingSigil.png ?? hours


Fish, which may be caught within the Fishing skill are:

Image Name Energy given when cooked Rarity Tool needed to catch
RawShrimp.png Raw Shrimp 25 Energy.png Common Fishing Net FishingNet.png
RawAnchovy.png Raw Anchovy 100 Energy.png Uncommon Fishing Net FishingNet.png
RawSalmon.png Raw Salmon 100 Energy.png Common Fishing Rod FishingRod.png
RawSardine.png Raw Sardine 200 Energy.png Uncommon Fishing Net FishingNet.png
RawTrout.png Raw Trout 300 Energy.png Uncommon Fishing Rod FishingRod.png
RawCrab.png Raw Crab 500 Energy.png Rare Fishing Net FishingNet.png
RawTuna.png Raw Tuna 500 Energy.png ??? Harpoon Harpoon.png
RawPike.png Raw Pike 1 000 Energy.png Rare Fishing Rod FishingRod.png
RawPiranha.png Raw Piranha 1 000 Energy.png Very Rare Fishing Net FishingNet.png
RawSwordfish.png Raw Swordfish 3 000 Energy.png ??? Harpoon Harpoon.png
RawEel.png Raw Eel 3 000 Energy.png Very Rare Fishing Rod FishingRod.png
RawMantaRay.png Raw Manta Ray 9 000 Energy.png ??? Harpoon Harpoon.png
RawShark.png Raw Shark 20 000 Energy.png ??? Harpoon Harpoon.png
RawRainbowFish.png Raw Rainbow Fish 10 000 Energy.png Very Rare Fishing Rod FishingRod.png
RawWhale.png Raw Whale 40 000 Energy.png ??? Harpoon Harpoon.png

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