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The donor shop is a type of shop where the player may purchase specific perks for 30 days using Donor Coins DonorCoins.png which may be bought for real money or from other people in the Player Market.

All Donor Coins DonorCoins.png may be purchased for a price of 1 USD per 1 Donor Coin DonorCoins.png, which may be done here:

Purchasing more of the same perks will add +30 days to the current timer, meaning that the perk time stacks with purchases.

Currently these perks may be purchased within the Donor Shop:

Image Perk Cost Duration
DonorFarming.png Unlock 2 addition farming patches.
DonorCoins.png DonorCoins.png
30 days
DonorWoodcutting.png Unlock 2 addition woodcutting patches.
DonorCoins.png DonorCoins.png
Clock.png Gain 12h of offline time instead of 8h.
DonorCoins.pngDonorCoins.pngDonorCoins.png DonorCoins.png
DonorPotionStacker.png Ability two stack two potions, doubling the timer.
DonorCoins.pngDonorCoins.pngDonorCoins.png DonorCoins.png
Skills.png Increases XP by 10% from all sources.
DonorCoins.pngDonorCoins.pngDonorCoins.png DonorCoins.png
DonorEvent.png Trigger a global event for everyone on the server to join. Note that these events can occur naturally