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The Criptoe market is a marketplace where players can purchase and invest Criptoe coins with the goal of unlocking perks. The Criptoe market is unlocked by crafting Community Center 4 and then purchasing it from the Game Shop for 50000 Coins Coins.png.

The Criptoe Market unlocks access to two resources:

  • CriptoeCoin.png Critpoe coins, which is bought and invested in wallets.
  • ResearcherPoints.png Research points, which are used to unlock perks when certain point thresholds are reached. Research points are not consumed when perks are unlocked.

CriptoeCoin.png Criptoe coins

Criptoe coins CriptoeCoin.png can be purchased using coins Coins.png once a day in quantities ranging from 100-10000 CriptoeCoin.png. The more Criptoe coins that are purchased in the once-daily purchase, the better the CriptoeCoin.png Criptoe coin to coin Coins.png rate.

Criptoe CriptoeCoin.png Cost in coins Coins.png Coins per criptoe Coins.png/CriptoeCoin.png
100 100,000 1,000
500 450,000 900
1000 800,000 800
5000 3,500,000 700
10000 6,500,000 650

Market rules

Criptoe coins can be invested into the Criptoe wallets. Criptoe wallets have an investment percentage that changes every day at 00:00 UTC.

The investment week starts Monday at 00:00 UTC (Monday morning) and ends on Saturday 00:00 UTC (Saturday morning).

The rules for investment are:

  • You can only invest during the investment week.
  • You can invest any number of Criptoe coins into a wallet any number of times on a given day. However, you cannot invest in a wallet that you have withdrawn from in a given investment week.

The rules for withdrawing are:

  • You can withdraw Criptoe from a wallet at any time provided that you have not invested into it on the same day.
  • If you choose to withdraw your Criptoe, you must withdraw all of it.
  • When you withdraw your invested Criptoe coins you will receive your invested Criptoe coin amount multiplied by the current percentage of the wallet divided by 100. The percentage of the wallet when you invest does not affect the amount of Criptoe coins that you receive when you withdraw.
  • You can withdraw your Criptoe from investment before Sunday 00:00 UTC. If not it will be taken out at a flat 20% loss and the current wallet percentage is not applied (this percentage is hidden from the main display on a Sunday but still appears on the Sunday graph) the next time you try to withdraw or invest.


Hiring allows you to purchase Criptoe market helpers in the form of:

  • Bankers that passively generate Criptoe coins.
  • Researchers that increase the rate at which you generate research points.

ResearcherPoints.png Research points

Research points are passively generated during periods when you have Criptoe coins invested. The probability of researched points being generated is 1/3600 per second (banban - not confirmed) and the amount generated is a number between 0 and n where n is the number of Criptoe coins you have currently invested across all wallets.


Perks are unlocked by reaching research point thresholds. You must choose a path to enable perks in that path and may only choose one path at once. Once a path is selected you must wait two weeks before changing to a new path.

Dwarf Path Nature Path Chemist Path Sea Path ResearcherPoints.png Required Research Points
Chisels will now gather large stone geodes. Axe will chop an addition +5 logs before applying multipliers. Potion timers increased by 25%. All fishing tools give 10% more XP. ResearcherPoints.png 1,000,000
You will now gain 50,000 mining XP when finding any geode. Harvesting farming leaves now yields +2 leaves before applying multiplers. Furnace speed potion now smelts at 1000x speed. 10% chance to get a second chest when solving any map. ResearcherPoints.png 10,000,000
Double mineral chance from all geodes. Watering can now holds 500 charges. Ability to set a potion to be auto-drinked when timer hits 0 until you run out. If you catch a shiny/mega fish, you'll get a second one - including the fishing XP. ResearcherPoints.png 50,000,000
+25% chance of gaining a charcoal for every log when using foundry. Obtaining seeds from chopping trees increased to 20%. Drinking a dust potion refunds 1-5 dust. Ability to send all boats at once. ResearcherPoints.png 200,000,000
Plasma from the rocket is doubled. Ability to grow crystal trees. Guardian potions will always give double guardian keys when triggered. Cannon may now be set to autofire. ResearcherPoints.png 500,000,000

CriptoeCoin.png Investing strategy

Disclaimer The following is a convservative strategy for fairly safely investing criptoe. It is rooted in data from 8 weeks worth of criptoe wallet values. However, it is, ultimately, an opinion piece by the user banban and could be bad advice if the game ever changes.

A conservative investing strategy

  1. On Monday invest all your criptoe equally across all wallets.
  2. Between Tuesday and Saturday withdraw from any wallet with a "decent" postive percentage. Personally I would say that 20-40% is a decent threshold percentage.
  3. After withdrawing immediately reinvest all criptoe into any wallets that you have not withdrawn from so far this week.

Using this strategy has personally given me growth of between 1.5-4x criptoe per week.

More opinions

  • Bankers are essentially never worth buying if you are actively investiing in wallets. Whatever money you could invest into them could instead be invested in wallets for much greater returns.
  • Researchers should be bought when they do not impact your criptoe growth. Personally I like x10-20 as a value for this. For example, I would wait until I had at least 1M criptoe before spending 80K on the first researcher.
  • The punishment for leaving your criptoe in a wallet at the end of the week is -20%. This is very generous given that there are 5 opportunities in the week to invest and reinvest and given the large fluctuations in criptoe values.
  • Given the bailout percentage of -20% it is always techincally correct to invest all your criptoe on a Friday. This leaves you with a 50/50 chance of a profit on the Saturday but, given that the oberserved fluctuations in criptoe have a standard deviation of about 60, this has a lower bound of -20% and much higher upper bound. This is, of course, risky and could result in losing 20% of your criptoe.