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Magnus here. Here with a new and improved combat guide that\s more accessible and more readable. Don't mess with this guide without my express permission. As a preface, this is written as a guide to the best reasonable odds to win. So, disclaimer. This may come off as "overpreparing" but with the RNG nature of the game and combat it is up to you how long you want to prep for the highest odds to win and to balance the opportunity cost.


Lets start with stats. You have Heart.png Hit Points (HP), Mana Points(MP), Damage (Dam), Accuracy (Acc), Defense (Def) and Attack Speed (AS).

HP and MP are your two basic stats, you start with 10 HP and 5 MP. Hit 0 HP and you die, however if you die but the enemy dies too it counts as a win. You can increase these stats in 2 ways. MP is used to cast spells which are powerful and often required ways to face combat.

1 : Leveling; After unlocking the "Easy Combat Perk" from Achievements you gain 1 hp every 10 levels of Archery and Melee combined as well as 1mp for every 10 levels of magic. 2 : Stat Crystals; Primarily through combat, but also through quests and the special feature of the Haunted Mansion you may gain stat crystals. When consumed you gain +5 of the respective stat (HP or MP).

Damage is real straight forward. It's the maximum you can hit for, if you hit the enemy. Damage is rolled 0 to your Max hit. One interesting note is that in circumstances where your attacks deal "double damage", your dealt damage isn't doubled but rather you roll twice using your max damage.

Accuracy is rather complicated, but there's all you really need to know. If your accuracy is half or more of their defense stat, you have 100% to hit.

Accuracy Math:

result = enemy_defence/2 - hero_accuracy

if result is 0 or negative, hit successful.
if result is 1, 80% chance to hit successfully.
if result is 2, 60% chance to hit successfully.
if result is 3, 40% chance to hit successfully.
if result is 4, 20% chance to hit successfully.
if result is greater than 4, your chance of hitting succesfully is 1/(result+1)

A successful hit means you will generate a hit between 0 - damage stat.

Defense is conversely, far less complicated. The more the better.

Attack Speed is how often you attack. Its simply calculated. You attack once every 7 seconds - your weapon speed. The difference between attack speed can greatly change your DPS.

Calculating DPS : With all the stats you now have, you can put together your DPS. So you just plug in numbers to this and that's your DPS. Average Hit is just MaxHit halved, or for Stinger Dagger 3/4'd. This DPS accounts for having 100% hit rate.

[AverageHit(2 if Super Effective)]+PoisonAverage(damage*.33) / 7-AttackSpeed


I'll speak of spells early as they're integral to combat and also asked about, constantly. Spells cost MP and have powerful effects in combat.

You gain Magic exp every time you cast a spell(based on the spell). Mana does NOT regenerate in fights.

I will describe them as Cost - Effect - Cooldown - Source

Lesser Heal : 2MP - Restore 1HP to self - 5sec - Faradox's Introduction

Fireball : 3MP, 1 Magic Bonus - Deal 0-5 fire dam to foe - 5sec - Fire Snake (Volcano)

Reflect : 1MP - Reflect the foe's next attack/ability back to them - 30sec - Fire Witch's Sister (Volcano)

Invisibility : 2MP - Avoid the foe's next attack/ability - 30sec - Crafted using a trapped ghost (Mansion)

Greater Heal : 2MP - Restore 3HP to self - 5sec - Grandma (Haunted Mansion); Upgrades from Lesser Heal

Greater Fireball : 3MP, 1 Magic Bonus - Deal 1-6 fire dam to foe - 5sec - Blood Fire Snake (Blood Volcano); Upgrades from Fireball


The layout will be as follows. Bosses will be their own grouping for ease of access. Zones, any gimmick you may have, the loadout set for said zone and what gear/rings you should have going into it. Following each zone premise will be the mobs in the order displayed in the Combat Log.

For every listed mob, I will not note their stats. I will note any strategy that may be required for them. I will note their unique drop. I will detail weapons if they drop from a mob and in a list at the bottom.






Note : As combat is very basic at this stage of the game, there is not much grand strategy. Instead your first goal before going into fields is buying the Short Bow and completing the Ent quest which will allow you to get the "lesser heal" spell making this zone even more of an absolute cakewalk. From this zone until the end of the "Caves" combat zone, your strategy in any given fight is effectively using lesser heal appropriate.


1 :Chicken

Drops :

Raw Chicken - 10 Heat, 50 energy. Full energy refund for the fight if cooked.

Feathers - Used to make basic arrows.

2 : Rat

Drops :

Cheese - 25 energy. Half to full energy refund.

3 : Spider

Drops :

String - Used to craft crude fishing net, needle, and Long Bow.

4 : Bee - (RARE)

Drops :

Stinger - 0acc, 2dam, 3 speed. Requires level 5 Melee

Honey - 30 energy. Partial refund to positive energy.

5 : Lizard - (RARE)

Drops :

Lizard Skin/Armor - Each piece of armor adds 2 defense except the chest which adds 3. Full piece drops are common, consider saving skin to craft set smartly rather than crafting any piece as soon as you can.



WoodenArrows.png LizardMask.png
WoodenBow.png LizardBody.png
LizardGloves.png LizardLegs.png LizardBoots.png


PoisonStinger.png LizardBody.png
LizardGloves.png LizardLegs.png LizardBoots.png

Gimmick : There is no gimmick in this zone, but there is an achievement for beating the Ent mob with only ranged damage. as such I suggest to start each combat with your ranged set on. If its not an Ent then swap to your melee set by clicking the back button, and selecting your dagger or stinger.

Mobs :

1 : Snake

Drops :

Poison - Crafted into Poison Stinger - 0acc, 2dam, 3 speed. 33% on attack to deal 1 poison damage. Requires level 5 Melee

2 : Ants Drops :

Ant Needles - Used to craft needle and spiked club.

3 : Wolf

Drops :

Raw Meat - 40 heat, 200 energy. Energy refund if successfully cooked.

HP Crystal - Gives +5HP on consumption (Only drops once)

4 : Thief - (RARE)

Drops : Dagger

Iron Dagger - 0acc, 2dam, 4 speed. Requires level 10 Melee

5 : Ent - (RARE)

Drops :

Strange Leaf - Used in potions.

Strange Leaf Fertilizer - Allows trees to drop strange leaves when cut in woodcutting.



IronDagger.png LizardBody.png
LizardGloves.png LizardLegs.png LizardBoots.png


WoodenArrows.png LizardMask.png
WoodenBow.png LizardBody.png
LizardGloves.png LizardLegs.png LizardBoots.png

Gimmick : Darkness. Darkness will severely reduce chance to hit, this gimmick is countered by the Lantern Drop from the Goblin.


1 : Bear

Drops :

Bear Fur/Armor - Bear Fur armor doesn't provide any defense, but is required to beat the Northern Field Combat Zone's gimmick.

2 : Goblin

Drops :

Lantern - Counters the Darkness gimmick of the Caves.

Goblin Mask - Used to start and continue the "Goblin Dad" quest.

Toenails - A quest drop unlocked after starting the "Goblin Dad" quest, you need to kill 2 goblins to get enough toenails.

3 : Bat

Drops :

Bat Skin/Armor - The Bat Skin set is +1 defense from Lizard Skin.

4 : Skeleton (RARE)

Strategy - Use bow for improved accuracy against skeleton. You can alternatively use poisoned stinger since you don't have to hit to apply poison damage. Heal like normal otherwise.

Drops :

Skeleton Sword - 1acc, 5dam, 3 speed. Required level 20 Melee

Shield - +4 defense. Requires level 20 Melee (Do not use in the caves)

Train Cart - Used by clicking the right arrow on the "Caves" details screen to set up transport to Volcano, Northern Fields and Haunted Mansion. (only drops once)

Skull - Used in tandem with level 25 magic and a blank shiny orb to unlock Shiny mobs which give 10x loot but are encounter 1% of the time. (Blank shiny orbs are unlocked to craft after a quest in the volcano combat zone) [Only drops once]

Bone Amulet - Doubles the drops of normal bones.



SkeletonSword.png BatBody.png SkeletonShield.png
BatGloves.png BatLegs.png BatBoots.png


WoodenArrows.png BatMask.png
WoodenBow.png BatBody.png SkeletonShield.png
BatGloves.png BatLegs.png BatBoots.png

Gimmick : There is no mechanical gimmick but there are some important things to know. First off, don't do any combat here until you've got buckets unlocked and have some buckets crafted. Lava is very important. Secondly, there are 2 quests tied to this zone. "Shiny Resources" and "Fire Witch's Sister".

Shiny Resources unlocks Molten Glass as a 100% drop per Volcano fight, additionally it's choice reward is very lopsided. Take the Potions reward as its value is incomparably higher than any other choice by far.

Fire Witch's Sister and its completion is REQUIRED to kill the Fire Witch, this quest requires buying a mirror from the general store (after crafting Community Center 2).

For sake of sanity, you may opt into buying a "Long Bow" from the market for the sake of beating the Fire Golem mob who can feel really bad to fight, but really rewarding to win against. Be warned that "Longbow" requires level 25 archery to equip it.


1 : Fire Hawk

Strat - Heal when appropriate, when you unlock fireball, cast that instead (Using spare mana to heal). This mob makes for good ranged exp.

Drops :

Fire Feathers - Used to craft Fire Arrows which are critical for the next combat zone. Stock up on as many as possible!

2 : Fire Snake

Strat - Until you get Fireball from this mob and reflect from the quest, you pray. Once you get fireball and reflect, fireball on cooldown and reflect his flame attack.

Drops :

Fire Spell Scroll - As detailed in spells section. This spell requires 1 magic bonus (From your magic preset). Does 0-5 fire damage and costs 3 mana while having a 5 second cooldown. Generally casting this once is stronger than casting lesser heal 3 times.

3 : Fire Golem

Strat - Use your highest accuracy weapon and cast fireball as fast as possible exactly 3 times, any more will cause you to lose the fight (If you cast fireball when he has the bomb out, or just as he's bringing it out you lose unless it kills him).

It is for this fight that Longbow can be very rewarding to buy as this fight can feel very frustrating otherwise.

If you choose not to buy a longbow, when the golem is at 1 hp. You can gamble when the bomb is about to explode (he will shake) if he's close enough that a fireball may kill him. If he dies to the fireball, it counts as a win. If not, it will count as a loss.

Drops :

Bomb - When used gives 5,000 mining exp, a stack of bronze, iron, silver and gold ores/bars as well as at least 1 promethium ore/bar.

4 : Fire Witch" (RARE)

Strat - This fight is very very easy once you've unlocked "reflect" from completing the "Fire Witch's Sister" quest. Cast fireball when available, make sure to save 1 reflect for her charge attack when she's at 1 hp which is required to win. I suggest using the bow to fight her (don't use fire arrows) as she makes for very good ranged exp (which you'll need in order to equip longbow for fire golem or Northern Field)

Drops :

Fire Crystal - Quest Item for main story.

HP Crystal : Gain +5HP on consumption (Only drops once)

Northern Fields

Gimmick : The gimmick of Northern Fields is its cold environment! If you aren't wearing full Bear Armor, you take cold damage! Additionally all fire based attacks deal 2x to monsters in this zone.

Gear/Rings : This is the first zone where rings come into play. Rings are flat stat boosters for combat obtained by opening geodes (using the chisel tool found in the Desert Mines gathering area at level 50 gathering) finding minerals and crafting said minerals into rings. Rings add Def, Dam, Acc at a rate equal to their tier.

So if you have all 3 tier 1 rings, that will add +1 defense, +1 damage and +1 accuracy to your character. You may only craft one of each ring but the catch is that you may wear as many rings as you have at any given time. Meaning that if you have tier 1 and tier 2 rings, you get +3 defense, +3 damage and +3 accuracy.

Additionally there are some things to do before really "starting" combat in this zone.

First off, you want to farm all the required Molten Glass. The current number is 81. This is secretly a good thing as it gives you the Fire Feathers you need for fire arrows and the combat exp (thus HP) you need for NF.

In addition you want to fight and beat 1 NF mob to start the "Carpenter" quest and then complete it before doing more NF, the quest reward is that you gain roughly speaking 33% energy back on a win in the Northern Fields.

Lastly I highly suggest 13 mana before going into NF. This is so that you can cast 4 fireballs and 1 reflect (important for the two actually hard mobs in this zone). For an even more reliable time against the Rare mob of this zone, I suggest grinding to 14 mana.

The best way to level Magic, now that its relevant and you have the tools available is to unequip your weapon (and any damage rings you may have) sit in fields and cast reflect until you're out of mana, then kill the encounter, repeat.

The Gear you'll want is Bear armor, sword, shield, Short Bow (You can opt into buying a longbow to improve your win rate), fire arrows (as many as you can get). All previous HP crystals.

Presets : It is CRITICAL that you remember to make all your sets into Bear Armor sets before trying to fight here. Since you fight in this zone most dominantly with ranged weapons and you are now going to be more grandly utilizing fireball the order of presets change a bit to help.

1 : Ranged - Short Bow (Upgraded to Longbow once crafted/bought) + Shield + Bear Armor + Fire Arrows.

2 : Magic - Wand/Shield + Bear Armor

3 : Melee - Sword (Upgraded to Spiked Club once crafted) + Shield + Bear Armor.


1 : Ice Hawk

Strat - As will be standard with all most all NF mobs, spam fireball as often as possible. In this zone it does 0-10 damage. Save mana for "reflect" as the Ice Hawk will typically once per fight use a charge attack (It will shake to prompt this) that you want to reflect to win the fight.

Drops :

Ice Feather - Used to craft Ice Arrows which are the highest ranged damage and do 2x damage in hot places like Volcano.

2 : Ice Golem

Strat - Ice Golem is the most standard mob in this entire zone. You just cast fireball when you have it, reflect when you have it and race him to 0.

Drops :

Long Bow - 3acc, 3 speed. Requires 25 ranged to use. Requires 50 string to craft. Remember that bows gain their damage from their arrows and thus have no base "damage" stat.

3 : Ice Witch

Strat - This fight is like the Fire Witch fight but 2x. Cast fireball on cooldown, save reflect for when she gets to 1 hp. However when she gets to 1 and you reflect her charge attack, you have to effectively kill her again.

Drops -

HP Crystal - Gain +5HP on consume. (Only drops once) MP Crystal - Gain +5MP on consume (Only drops once)

4 : Yeti (RARE)

Strat - The Yeti has high enough defense that the longbow is required (or a +2 accuracy ring) to have 100% hit rate, this will make him significantly easier. He has a charge attack in which he freezes you (this doesn't do bonus damage). You want to when possible reflect this attack, when you're unable to you want to hold your fireball casts to unfreeze yourself. It is for this reason that 14 mana is very useful if you can grind it so that you're able to reflect 2 freezes in a combat.

With tier 1 and 2 damage/accuracy rings this fight is doable with a sword or his club, as is all other mobs in this zone (Though I'd still suggest using bow for Ice Witch as shes the hardest mob).

Drops :

Ice Crystal - Quests Item for Main Story quest

Club - 4acc, 8dam, 1 speed. Requires level 30 Melee. Crafts with 100 ant needles into Spiked Club.

Spiked Club - 4acc, 12dam, 1 speed. Requires level 30 Melee.

Haunted Mansion

Gimmick : Essence shop! Each kill in this zone gives a bit of essence, the essence can then be used to craft a few items from this zone or buy items from this shop. Items from this shop can only be bought once. You unlock this store after winning 1 fight then attempting a second. Before starting this zone, craft a ghost jar.

Essence Shop has : 1 HP crystal for 1k Ess. 1 MP crystal for 500 ess. 1 Scythe for 10k ess. 1 Haunted Bow for 5k ess. Reaper Robe set - 2k essence a piece.

Scythe - 4acc, 8dam, 3 speed. Deals 2x damage to undead mobs. Requires level 40 Melee to use

Haunted Bow - 4acc, 3 speed. Deals 2x damage to undead mobs. Requires level 40 Ranged to use. Requires 2 longbows to craft.

Reaper Robes - Each piece gives 1 magic bonus.

My suggested order for this shop and essence spending is this : Invisibility (From Ghost mob) -> Haunted Bow -> HP/MP crystal -> Scythe -> Reaper Robes.

Gear/Rings : This zone is designed with tier 2 rings in mind, coming into it with tier 3 damage will be very rewarding if you're able to. For gear you'll want Spiked Club, Full Bat, Shield. All previous HP/MP crystals.

Presets :

Melee : Spiked Club (Upgrade to Scythe once Bought), Shield, Bat Armor.

Magic : Staff, Shield, Bat Armor.

Ranged : Longbow (Upgraded to Haunted Bow when bought and crafted), Shield, Bat Armor.


1 : Ghost

Strat - Use Fire Spell and reflect when he is visible, use greater heal when available once you unlock it (lesser heal isn't worth it).

Drops :

Invisibility - 2MP - Avoid the foe's next attack/ability - 30sec. Crafted by capturing the ghost in a jar and using 666 essence.

2 : Grandma

Strategy - She heals about 1 hp every second, cast fireball on cooldown, reflect on cooldown.

Drops :

Greater Heal Scroll - 2MP - Restore 3HP to self - 5sec. Upgrades lesser heal.

3 : Exorcist

Strat - Reflect immediately, spam fireball on cooldown. Swap to bow (if not already starting with haunted bow). After her first attack, count to 3 and use invisibility. If she doesn't die by the 12th second, you lose unless you have 50+ hp.

Drops :

Oxygen Set - A Helmet and Shield piece that give +1 defense to previous pieces. Required to finish rocket (Making them unusable)

4 : Reaper (RARE)

Strat - Reaper has a charge attack denoted by his red flashing eyes. Reflect and Invis this charge attack as you would any other. Spam greater heal.

Drops :

Scythe - 4def, 8dam, 3 speed. 2x damage to undead. Required level 40 Melee to use.

Special note, that due to attack speed, this weapon without any rings included deals the same DPS as the club, with any damage rings it is better. As its expected you have t2 rings at this point, the scythe is by far your strongest weapon.

Reaper Robes - +1 magic bonus per piece.


Beach has a combat half, but is also how you unlock Bloodmoon. To do this, click past Mansion. Click "Interact" and then click "Cast a spell" then click "Invisibility". Doing this will show a cutscene and unlock Bloodmoon. Bloodmoon in short is "Hard Mode" for combat zones. With drastically increased stats and new drops.

Since the combat UI update, the prior is no longer accurate. Once you unlock the beach via the Haunted Mansion Shop, There will be two new combat areas -- Beach and ???. ??? has the same picture as the beach, but does not lead to combat. It leads to a cutscene that unlocks the blood moon. It is generally recommended to complete at least blood forest before attempting Beach.

Gimmick : Beach has a few gimmicks to it :

Firstly, Ranged does NOT work at the Beach, neither does the Fire spell.

Secondly, all attacks are slowed by 1 speed tier. So a fast weapon is made medium, a medium is made slow and slow is made even slower.

Thirdly, Rain; Rain will occur about 70% of the time (although it feels like 100% of the time) during rain mobs heal roughly 2 hp a second. This is really where the difficulty of the zone occurs, if you do not have enough DPS, you'll never kill the mobs.

Gear : In my honest opinion? Full t3 is mandatory, having the crit perk is mandatory, having a skeleton defender will drastically help. I wouldn't start this zone unless I have a Stinger Dagger(p) from Invention, or t4 accuracy. Additionally, you must complete the Blood Forest Tabelette and craft a "Long Spear" to beat the Pufferfish

For levels, I wouldn't start this zone till you've grinded out 80+ combat via Blood Fields (the EXP to energy/FP ratio is easily the best in the game. You can max very quickly there)

Lastly, if you can pre-buy a trident, do so. If you pre-buy trident, you won't have to farm out Stinger Dagger(p) and it'll make this zone (except the rare) significantly easier. Trident shifts the rare from being effectively always a loss to "Maybe you'll win".

Presets :

1 - Trident/Stinger Dagger(p) + Shield, Moonstone/Croc gear + flippers.

2 - Trident/Stinger Dagger(p) + Defender (Preferably Skeleton), Moonstone/Croc gear + flippers.

3 - Trident/Stinger Dagger(p) + Defender, Goblin Mask + Reaper Set (or 1 piece of reaper if you don't wanna buy full set) + flippers.

4 - Long Spear + Shield, Moonstone/Croc gear + flippers. 5 (optional) - Spiked Club + shield, Moonstone/Croc gear (no flippers) [This is for offsetting, as explained below]

New Mechanical Strategy : Offsetting. Offsetting is very easy but also very important. In short you de-sync your attacks so that you can use offensive off-hand weapons to improve your DPS. Most mobs are at medium attack speed which makes this easy. You start your fight with your normal weapon (As your first attack is NOT based on attack speed). Swap to your preset with a slow weapon, make 1 attack. Then for the rest of the fight, wear your shield preset until the foe attacks. Once they attack, swap to your defender preset until you attack, then swap back to your shield preset. This mitigates the "Downside" of the defender.

Now, onto strats.

1 : Shark - Reflect or Invis his bite, you have roughly a second to react. Otherwise heal. Drops : Flippers : These negate the Attack Speed gimmick of the zone. (and drop from every mob in the zone). Shark Tooth : Doesn't do anything as of writing this. Raw Shark : Energy Refund, Woo!!

2 : Sea Soldier - Offset, Naked Reflect, Heal. Pray for good crits/reflects. Drops : Trident - 4 Acc, 7 Dam, 3 Speed. Deals 2x damage to Beach Mobs. Requires level 70 Melee to equip. Sea Helm - 10 Def. No requirement to equip

3 : Puffer Fish - Use Long Spear, naked reflect and heal. Any other melee attack will deal you roughly 10 damage in return. Drops : Puffer Needles - Don't do anything yet, presumably for upgraded arrows in the future.

4 : Saltwater Crocodile (RARE) - Reflect his bite, fail to do so and die. Offset, Naked reflect, Heal. Pray for good crits/reflects. Drops : Croc Skin & Armor - This set is a direct + 1 upgrade to Moonstone. I'd craft all pieces except helm (since Sea Helm is better).

Blood Fields


BatMask.png Heart.png 40+
Scythe.png BatBody.png SkeletonShield.png
BatGloves.png BatLegs.png BatBoots.png
DefenceRing.png DamageRing.png AccuracyRing.png


MoonstoneMask.png Heart.png 45+
Scythe.png MoonstoneBody.png SkeletonShield.png
MoonstoneGloves.png MoonstoneLegs.png MoonstoneBoots.png
GoodDefenceRing.png GoodDamageRing.png GoodAccuracyRing.png

You'll want to start Blood Fields once you've unlocked Invention and crafted the "Blood Grinder" item. Any earlier and the zone won't have any use to you.

Strategy : This zone, is a reprint of Fields. There's no mechanical complication here. That being said we're far more equipped with gear, stats and spells. Here is the strategy to Blood Fields. You start every fight with a "Naked Reflect". This will be a reoccurring strategy, whenever in the future "Reflect" is used. Its referring to this. A naked reflect to say simply is where you use "reflect" but have no armor equipped, making the enemy's hit chance 100%.

So the strategy is easy in fields. Reflect on CD, Fire on CD, Invis to dodge attacks. Heal if you manage to be hit (you can hold invis to be cast AFTER you've been hit so that you can heal back up).

Drops! This zone drops regular fields drops in greater amounts and new Invention drops. Each mob drops a tablette piece unique to them. Gather all of them to unlock the Stinger-Dagger and the Iron Defender! Additionally each mob drops a blood item which can be used in invention, the blood items dropped by rare mobs are worth more blood than normal ones. Stinger-Dagger is stonger than scythe, it's recommended to rare pot fields for this. Iron Defender gives accuracy and is an offhand. Close to useless at the moment, save your iron dagger shards for the Battle Axe. It is required for the Skeleton Defender, though.

Blood Forest


MoonstoneMask.png Heart.png 40+
Scythe.png MoonstoneBody.png SkeletonShield.png
MoonstoneGloves.png MoonstoneLegs.png MoonstoneBoots.png
GreatDefenceRing.png GreatDamageRing.png GreatAccuracyRing.png


MoonstoneMask.png Heart.png 45+
StingerDagger.png MoonstoneBody.png SkeletonShield.png
MoonstoneGloves.png MoonstoneLegs.png MoonstoneBoots.png
GreatDefenceRing.png GreatDamageRing.png GreatAccuracyRing.png

Blood Snake Pretty simple monster and has the same gimmick from normal Snake. It spits poison that deals around 10-20 damage. Reflect and invis these poison charges, heal when you need to, use a bit of fire.

Blood Ants Hey, remember that exorcist mob that was super annoying and your win rate was determined by if you hit big numbers? Well, this is it but 3x worse. It has needle charges that deal 50-60 damage, and no cooldown in between. This means that it can 1. charge extremely fast and 2. kill you with 4 charges in a row, even if you manage to invis 2 of the charges. Strat: spam fire, reflect charges, and try to invis 2 charges. Pray.

Blood Wolf Probably the easiest monster in this area. Naked reflect, Tank and Spank. Drops heart crystal.

Blood Forest Ent RARE Pray that you don't get hit by 29 and 30. Naked reflect, Tank and Spank.

Blood Thief RARE It has insanely high accuracy, which means that armor doesn't matter here. It also has very high attack and 4 speed, which means it attacks hard and fast. Naked reflect, try to invis 2 attacks, spam fire and heal.

Forest Tablette: The forest tablette unlocks 2 things: the Battle Axe and the Peekaboo Ring. The first is a slow, rather weak weapon that doubles all log drops from forest ent, both normal and blood. The second is a ring that allows you to see if an attack got blocked, or if it just rolled 0.

Blood Caves


MoonstoneMask.png Heart.png 50
Scythe.png MoonstoneBody.png SkeletonShield.png
MoonstoneGloves.png MoonstoneLegs.png MoonstoneBoots.png
GreatDefenceRing.png GreatDamageRing.png GreatAccuracyRing.png


MoonstoneMask.png Heart.png 50
PoisonStingerDagger.png MoonstoneBody.png SkeletonShield.png
MoonstoneGloves.png MoonstoneLegs.png MoonstoneBoots.png
GreatDefenceRing.png GreatDamageRing.png GreatAccuracyRing.png

Gimmick: Same as Caves, it's dark, which causes you to sometimes miss. Using lantern will boost some enemy's hit rate to 100%, while using skele shield will reduce hit rate. Once you get the Ring of Light from Goblin then you use either a defender or a shield.

Blood Bear Tank and Spank, naked reflect, heal and fireball with spare mana.

Blood Goblin Tank and Spank, naked reflect, heal and fireball with spare mana. Drops: Blood Goblin Mask (which may be used for a later quest), and Ring of Light. Ring of Light constantly provides a light source so that you no longer have to use lantern.

Blood Bat It has 6 speed and a decent atk stat, which means that it hits you every tick/second. That being said, strat is the same: reflect spam, invis as many attacks as possible, spam fire and heal.

Blood Skeleton (RARE) Naked Reflect, spam fire and offset. Wear a shield, not a defender.

Caves Tablette: The Caves Tablette unlocks a few things: 1. Skeleton Defender. An upgrade from Iron Defender, now gives 2 accuracy instead of 1. 2. Upgraded versions of amulets

Blood Volcano

Preset 1:

IceArrows.png SeaHelmet.png Heart.png 50
HauntedBow.png CrocodileBody.png SkeletonDefender.png
CrocodileGloves.png CrocodileLegs.png CrocodileBoots.png
PerfectDefenceRing.png PerfectDamageRing.png GreatAccuracyRing.png

Preset 2:

SeaHelmet.png Heart.png 50
PoisonStingerDagger.png CrocodileBody.png SkeletonDefender.png
CrocodileGloves.png CrocodileLegs.png CrocodileBoots.png
PerfectDefenceRing.png PerfectDamageRing.png GreatAccuracyRing.png

Preset 3:

ReaperHood.png Heart.png 50
WoodenStaff.png ReaperSkirt.png SkeletonDefender.png
ReaperGloves.png ReaperBody.png ReaperBoots.png
PerfectDefenceRing.png PerfectDamageRing.png GreatAccuracyRing.png

Gimmick : Mobs drop dense glass, used in invention to make Mega Shiny Orbs.

1 : Blood Fire Snake

Strat - Use Ranged set. Reflect first Fire. Spam heal. Tank second Fire. Spam heal. Invis 3rd Fire. Pray you heal enough to tank a 4th, or have reflect come up for it. Drops : Improved Fire - Each magic bonus adds 1 flat damage to Fire.

2 : Blood Fire Hawk

Strat - Use Melee set. Swap to Ranged set on crits. Spam heal, Fire.

3 : Blood Fire Golem

Strat - Use Ranged set. Cast Fire 3 times.

Drops : TNT - Same as from Ghost Miner quest. Relatively useless at this point outside of some mining exp.

4 : Blood Fire Witch (RARE)

Strat - Use Melee Set. Swap to Ranged on crits. Spam heal, fire. Do NOT use invis/reflect. When she hits 1 hp, count to 2 and use both reflect and invis. Finish with another hit or fire.

Drops : Improved Reflect - Reflect will only activate if a mob were to hit you. Thus removing the general need for naked reflecting (can still be okay for dps if you need that for some reason)

Castle Floor One

Gimmick : No Gimmick, you navigate the zone and click into 1 time fights. As of posting these mobs can and SHOULD be rare pot'd. Their loot is significant.

Gear Requirement : Tier 5 Damage ring, Tier 6 far more comfortable. 1 Bomb (from Volcano) At this point you should have full t5 and be closing in on full tier 6. I use Poison Rapier for consistency but technically Stinger is better DPS (Rapier has higher accuracy)

1 : Castle Ants

Strategy : They're ants! Reflect their stinger, invis if you don't have reflect. Spam fire and pray.

Drops :

Leaf Seeds - 1-5 of all leaf seeds

Door Key 1

2 : Castle Golem

Strategy : Use Bomb.

Drops :

100000 - 300000 Stone

1 Red Mushroom

1 Mega Bomb (Drops Ancient Geodes)

Heavy Rock (Progression Piece)


1 : Ent

Strat - Use trainer bow, its higher accuracy makes it your best odds to win. If you run out of arrows or don't want to use them, a stinger can work as well. No greater complicated strategy.

Reward : Woodcutting.

2 : Tank

Strat - Use poisoned stinger (Crafted using stinger and the snake's poison drop). No greater strategy.

Reward : 20 gold bars and 1-6 cannon balls (to be used with cannon).

3 : Thief Leader

Strat - Cast lesser heal when appropriate. Use dagger/p-stinger, make sure to have full lizard armor.

Reward : Return of stolen coins and Forest Crystal (Quest item for main story).

4 : Ghost Miner

Strat - Melee attacks have no use. As such use the Longbow/Ghost Bow with ice arrows. Use greater heal and fireball when appropriate.

The boss has 12 defense, as such I suggest doing this fight with Ghost Bow for 2x'd damage and higher accuracy. If you have t3 accuracy and damage this fight is doable with longbow.

Reward : Return of stolen ores and TNT (10k mining exp, 1 titanium bar/ore. A giant stack of bronze, iron, silver, gold and prom ores/bars + 3-6 grey/blue/green/red geodes).

5 : Evil Pirates

Strat by Dank

Spam fireball, reflect cannon shots and use poison weapons. Rain pot does not work.


1 : Guardian 1

Gear/Rings : Tier 3 and below Damage Rings. Scythe, Haunted Bow, Ice Arrows. Make sure to have invisibility and greater heal learned as well as both all previous HP/MP crystals.

Strategy : As this boss and you will always have 100% hit rate, armor doesn't matter, neither does accuracy.

This boss is a damage race strictly speaking. Use your mana to heal as well as reflect then dodge his charge attacks.

Do not cast fireball. When he turns green or blue swap to your Scythe. When he turns red, swap to your bow.

Reward :

Combat EXP lamp - Roll 20k - 60k exp on the combat skill of your choice.

Roughly 800k Stardust.

1 Ruby

1 Chest

This fight can be repeated for more EXP lamps and Stardust, however on repeat fights the chest will be rolled at a 1/10 odds rather than 100%.

2 : Guardian 2

Gear Req : Trident + Flippers. T4 damage ring (and all previous ones). T5 is suggested. As always for Guardians, drink a loot potion.

Strategy : A straight forward fight, drink rain potion, heal when you're missing more than 15 hp. Reflect on cooldown. Invis when the rain turns to mud (the timing is very forgiving).

Reward :

6-9 Combat EXP lamps - Roll 20k - 60k exp on the combat skill of your choice. (repeat reward)

Roughly 1.6m Stardust. (repeat reward)

1 Raw Shark (Repeat Reward)

1 Diamond (One Time Reward)

1 Green Chest (One Time Reward)

3 : Guardian 3

Gear Req: Tier 5/6 damage, Poison Stinger (I prefer Poison Rapier but Stinger is higher theoretical DPS). Ranged set and Magic set.

Strategy : Stay on Melee as its highest DPS, swap to Ranged when hit by Red Arrow. Cast Heal on cooldown if hurt. Invis blue arrow (as you won't be able to dodge black arrow if its used), and reflect black arrow.

Reward :

EXP Lamps (Repeat Reward)

Around 12m Stardust (Repeat Reward)

Around 600k Tainted Coins (Repeat Reward)

1 Red Treasure Chest (One Time Reward)

1 Red Fire Crystal (One Time Reward - Story Item)

1 Castle Portal 2 (One Time Reward - Progression item)

4 : Dungeon Fight

The Dungeon Fight is a combination of the previous 3 Guardians. Advised to follow the strats for each and use accordingly.

It requires 1 of each key, g1-3

After each fight you do not regen magic or health. Magic timers do not reset so plan accordingly

Do not waste invis at the end of g1, will need for g2 mud rain

Do not waste reflect at end of g2, will need for g3 black arrow

Reward : Guardian Combo Loot

Loss will still give Dungeon loot.

Loot pot Guardian 3 during this fight for maximum Dungeon Loot

Dungeon Loot drops stone, dragon ore and bars, guardian 4 keys, dragon armor moulds, and rarely, dragon armor pieces

5 : Guardian 4 (Dragon)

Guardian 4 keys come from Dungeon Loot

You will need at least Dragon chestplate, Dragon leggings, and either Dragon boots or Dragon gloves for a decent chance. Have both boots and gloves for a much higher chance. Full dragon makes this fight much easier.


1: Max defense with as much Dragon gear and Dragon Shield, Golden Rapier (if you have it) / Poison Stinger Dagger

2: Same as preset 1 but with Balista + ice arrows

3: Same as preset 1 but with full ice croc gear

4: Same as preset 2 but with full ice croc gear

5: Full magic gear (might not be necessary)

Stay on presets 1 when dragon is on the ground. Switch to preset 3 if the dragon is still on the ground but uses his ice fire attack. Stay on preset 1 when dragon uses regular fire attack.

Change to preset 2 if dragon starts flying. Change to preset 4 if dragon is flying and uses ice fire attack as well. Stay on preset 2 if dragon is flying but uses regular fire attack.

Your mana should be used for reflecting / invising the tail whip attack that the dragon does, and healing as much as you can with your remaining mana. Only use fireball if you are very close to winning.

Loot: Tainted coins, ice crystal on first kill, mixed chest on first kill, stardust, some combat lamps.


Starter Sword 0acc, 1dam, 3 speed. 0 requirement.

Short Bow 1acc, 3 speed. 0 requirement.

Staff 0acc, 1dam, 1 speed, 1 magic bonus. 0 requirement.

Stinger - 0acc, 2dam, 3 speed. Requires level 5 Melee.

Poisoned Stinger - 0acc, 2dam, 3 speed. Requires level 5 Melee.

Dagger - 0acc, 2dam, 4 speed. Requires level 10 Melee.

Skeleton Sword - 1acc, 5dam, 3 speed. Requires level 20 Melee.

Longbow - 3acc, 3 speed. Requires level 25 Ranged.

Club - 4acc, 8dam, 1 speed. Requires level 30 Melee.

Spiked Club - 5acc, 12dam, 1 speed. Requires level 30 Melee.

Haunted Bow - 4acc, 3 speed. Deals 2x damage to undead. Requires level 40 Ranged

Scythe - 4acc, 8dam, 3 speed. Deals 2x damage to undead. Requires level 40 Melee.

Stinger Dagger - 4acc, 2dam, 3 speed. When this hits, you roll your damage 3 times. IMPORTANT NOTE : Stinger Dagger rolls its damage in a funky way. You roll to hit, then if you hit. You roll your damage range once, we'll call that number X. Then you roll 3 more times, using the range of 0-X. Requires level 60 Melee

Poison Stinger Dagger - 4acc, 2dam, 3 speed. When this hits, you roll your damage 3 times. Additionally, on every attack you make, you roll to apply poison damage at a 33% chance. If you apply poison damage, roll 0-5 additional damage. Requires level 60 Melee.

Battleaxe - 4acc, 7dam, 1 speed. When an Ent or Blood Ent dies with this weapon equipped (can be done via reflect, fire or an attack) double the logs obtained from the mob (this applies to Blood Ent's blood logs). Requires level 65 Melee

Trident - 4acc, 7dam, 3 speed. Deals double damage to Beach mobs. Requires level 70 Melee.

Rapier - 7acc, 12dam, 3 speed. Requires 90 Melee and obtained as loot from all Robot Waves chest.

Golden Rapier - 7acc, 12dam, 4 speed. Requires 90 Melee and obtained as loot from Elite Robot Waves chest.

Offhand Equipment

Shield - 4def. Requires level 20 Melee.

Iron Defender - 1acc. Requires level 60 Melee.

Skeleton Defender - 2acc, Requires level 70 Melee.

Robot Waves

Hey guys its Dank taking over from Magnus for now. I will be taking you through robot waves.


Novice and Warrior

Required Gear for warrior and novice:

T1-T4 rings are required for warrior and novice.

You need hard combat achievement done to actually do waves.

40HP and 23 mana are minimum stats.

Greater Heal is required.

Presets: Preset 1: Poison Stinger Dagger, skeleton Shield, full moonstone armor or better.

Preset 2: longbow (or haunted bow is preferable), ice arrows, skeleton Shield, full moonstone armor or better.

Preset 3: Full reaper robes + Staff.

Strats: Robot 1 - Just tank and spank. Heal any damage.

Robot 2 - This robot has a strong charge attack when he puts his hand up, reflect it.

Robot 3 - Heal any damage. Pray you get good hits.

Robot 4 - Heal and pray you kill him.

Robot 5 - Switch to bow and spam fireball when heal is on CD.

Master Waves

Credit to Hamspiced for original strat.

Required Gear for Master

Moonstone Armor (or better) + Sea Helmet

Trident or Rapier or Stinger Dagger

Haunted Bow + Ice Arrows +Fire Arrows


Poison Dagger

Skeleton Defender or Skeleton Shield (Skele Defender is not needed if you have T6 accuracy)

All T5 Rings and T6 Defense

At Least 1 Rain Potion (Needed for Final Boss)

Preset Configuration

Preset 1: Rapier/Stinger Dagger, Moonstone+Helm, Skele-Defender

Preset 2: Haunted Bow+Fire Arrows, Moonstone+Helm, Skele-Defender

Preset 3: Haunted Bow+Ice Arrows, Moonstone+Helm, Skele-Defender

Preset 4: Scythe, Moonstone+Helm, Skele-Defender

Preset 5: Poison Dagger/Poison Rapier, Moonstone+Helm, Skele-Defender

Note: Skeleton Shields can be substituted for Skeleton Defender. Preset 5 and 1 are interchangeable, but preset 5 is better.


Fight 1 - Preset 1 or 5

Fight 2 - Preset 1 or 5 + Reflect when he raises his arm

Fight 3 - Preset 1 or 5 + Heal as needed

Fight 4 - Preset 1 or 5

Fight 5 - Preset 3 + Reflect Or Invisible as available

Fight 6 - Preset 4

Fight 7 - Preset 2

Fight 8 - Preset 1 or 5 Invis + heal as needed (Do not Invis or Reflect Save for Fight 9)

Fight 9 - Preset 5 This robot charges every 20 seconds and you must reflect each. If you cannot reflect then invis + Spam Heal

Fight 10 - Preset 1 or 5 and cast Rain Potion at start of fight (easy you basically won)

Required Gear for Elite

All above + master ring + croc armor (at a minimum)

Replace Scythe/Stinger Dagger with Scythe+ and Poison Rapier

Recommended you have "The Tank" badge.

Extra loadouts:

Rapier loadout for accuracy (Wave 12)

Battle Axe loadout (wave 13)

Elite Waves Strategy Credit to: Hii aka Lobster36

REMINDER: you MUST save at least 6 mana for wave 14

Wave 1: Kill robot as fast as possible Note: Immediately reflecting here is worth it to avoid taking 10 damage, and should be back up for wave 2. This can mostly be ignored with some dragon armor, as the chance of being hit is fairly low.

Wave 2: After robot 2 attacks twice immediately reflect, this brings up reflect uptime in preparation for wave 4 (if you were hit for more than 3 damage heal first and then reflect)

Wave 3: One-shot it

Wave 4: Use invis, and reflect on cooldown. invis compared to heals is worth it in on this wave.

Wave 5: Haunted bow and try not to take too much damage

Wave 6: Swap immediately to scythe+ to one-shot

Wave 7: Swap immediately to fire arrows with haunted bow preset

Wave 8: Invis and pray for one-shot. If it isn't dead in one hit, switch to mage setup and try to kill it with a fireball

Wave 9: Use reflect invis and reflect while trying to conserve as much mana as possible

Wave 10: Immediately switch to your bow to avoid killing the robot. Use a rain pot to heal up to max. Switch back to rapier/golden rapier/poison stinger dagger loadout to kill the robot

Wave 11: If you have above 6 mana, use reflect on cooldown, swap between ice and fire arrow presets

Wave 12: Immediately equip rapier loadout. Rapier has enough accuracy to hit through defense every time (32 accuracy with master ring, rapier and shield vs 60 defense) without need of giving up skeleton shields defense.

Wave 13: Immediately equip battle axe

Wave 14: This entire fight is extremely rng reliant. Look for a 170+ cannon shot. Reflect first charge, invis second. Look for 100+ cannon shot if you didn't find a good cannon shot before reflect. Pray you have enough hp for second reflect and invis. Robot should be about dead after second reflect+invis. Pray you dont take a hit from wave 14 to kill it.