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Combat is unlocked by buying any weapon from the Game Shop. Players are able to gain energy while consuming food. Fight Points, which are gained +1/second, are also required for the players to fight any types monsters for various loot.

Combat Skills

Melee WoodenSword.png

Melee is unlocked by buying the Wooden Sword from Game Shop. A higher melee level is required to equip stronger melee weapons.

Archery WoodenBow.png

Archery is unlocked by buying the Wooden Bow from Game Shop and needs Arrows. This type of combat is extremely useful when it comes to defeating area-specific Monsters.

Magic WoodenStaff.png

Magic is unlocked by buying the Wooden Staff from Game Shop and needs mana to cast various spells which are extremely useful for Combat.

Combat Stats

Here are the descriptions of Combat stats within Idle Pixel:

Stat/Image Stat Description
Accuracy Accuracy Increases chance to deal damage
Melee Damage Melee Damage Increases the max Melee damage that can be dealt in a single attack
Arrow Damage Arrow Damage Increases the max Archery damage that can be dealt in a single attack
Magic bonus Magic bonus Required to use certain spells.
Speed Speed Higher stats means faster attacks.
Defense Defense Reduces chance to receive damage from normal attacks.

Link=Combat Combat Presets

Combat Presets may be unlocked after completing the Combat Presets Quest whick allows the player to switch to their saved Armour and Weapon setup to defear Monsters more effectively.

Link=Combat Combat Log

Combat Log may be unlocked after completing the Combat Collection Log Quest which allows to view all of the loot drop tables for all of the defeated Monsters.

Combat XP Lamp CombatXpLamp.png

Looting the Combat XP Lamp from the Mummy allows the player to select a combat skill (Melee, Archery or Magic) for which the player wants to gain XP in. XP gained from this lamp may vary from 20 000 to 60 000 xp.

Skills BrewingSkill.png
Combat Skills MeleeSkill.png Melee MagicSkill.png Magic Archery.png Archery
Gathering Skills GatheringSkill.png Gathering FarmingSkill.png Farming FishingSkill.png Fishing MiningSkill.png Mining WoodcuttingSkill.png Woodcutting
Production Skills BrewingSkill.png Brewing CookingSkill.png Cooking CraftingSkill.png Crafting InventionSkill.png Invention