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The Chisel is one of the Tools that can be obtained from the Gathering in the Desert Mines.

Obtaining Geodes

The chisel is used to obtain Geodes and other mining resources in trace amounts. Geodes can be cracked open to obtain these mining resources, along with minerals which are used primarily to craft Rings of different tiers for Combat or for conversion to free Mining XP.

Upgrading the Chisel

Upgrading the chisel with Gems will allow the player to obtain higher-level geodes.

Image Geode Type Chisel Type Required Mining Level
Rarity Average per Day
GreyGeode.png Grey Geode Basic Chisel (Basic Chisel) 20 MiningSkill.png 1/80,000 1.08
BlueGeode.png Blue Geode Sapphire Chisel (Chisel slotted with Sapphire.png) 35 MiningSkill.png 1/120,000 0.72
GreenGeode.png Green Geode Emerald Chisel (Chisel slotted with Emerald.png) 50 MiningSkill.png 1/250,000 0.3456
RedGeode.png Red Geode Ruby Chisel (Chisel slotted with Ruby.png) 70 MiningSkill.png 1/500,000 0.1728
CyanGeode.png Cyan Geode Diamond Chisel (Chisel slotted with Diamond.png) 85 MiningSkill.png 1/900,000 0.096
AncientGeode.png Ancient Geode Diamond Chisel (Chisel slotted with Diamond.png) 90 MiningSkill.png Obtained from
Pickaxe.png Tools Hammer.png
Pickaxe.png PickaxeHammer.png HammerRake.png RakeAxe.png AxeFishingNet.png Fishing NetToolkit.png ToolkitFishingRod.png Fishing RodHarpoon.png HarpoonBrewingKit.png Brewing KitChisel.png ChiselWateringCan.png Watering CanMachete.png MacheteMagnet.png Magnet