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Castle Saltwater Crocodile

Castle Saltwater Crocodile
Damage Melee.png 20
Accuracy Accuracy.png 20
Speed BunnySigil.png 3
Defence Defence.png 52
Health Heart.png 500
Your hit
Enemy's hit

Castle Saltwater Crocodile is a Monsters which may be found in the Castle. Castle Saltwater Crocodile is weak to Fire Arrows. Like the Northern Fields, gear with cold damage reduction is required to not take damage every second.


Requires 26 accuracy to have a 100% chance to hit. Without tier 6 rings, this will be difficult to hit consistently. If accuracy is high (Above 50% hit chance, around 23-24 accuracy), fire arrows are suggested. Otherwise, using a rapier is suggested for the increased hit chance.



BearMask.png Heart.png 50+
PoisonRapier.png BearBody.png SkeletonDefender.png
BearGloves.png BearLegs.png BearBoots.png
PerfectDefenceRing.png PerfectDamageRing.png PerfectAccuracyRing.png


FireArrows.png BearMask.png Heart.png 50+
BearBody.png SkeletonDefender.png
BearGloves.png BearLegs.png BearBoots.png
AncientDefenceRing.png AncientDamageRing.png AncientAccuracyRing.png
CastleSaltwaterCrocodileIcon.png Loot Table CastleSaltwaterCrocodileIcon.png
Image Item Name Amount Dropped Rarity
Big Bones 1 Always
CastleKey5.png Castle Key 5 1 Always
FrozenCrocodileHide.png Frozen Crocodile Hide 1-3 Always
FrozenCrocodileMask.png Frozen Crocodile Mask 1 1/7
FrozenCrocodileBody.png Frozen Crocodile Body 1 1/7
FrozenCrocodileLegs.png Frozen Crocodile Legs 1 1/7
FrozenCrocodileGloves.png Frozen Crocodile Gloves 1 1/7
FrozenCrocodileBoots.png Frozen Crocodile Boots 1 1/7
SaltwaterCrocodileSigil.png Saltwater Crocodile Sigil 1 1/1000

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