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Floor 1

Castle Ants

Castle Golem -- drops the stone needed for the button (can't remember where the button is off hand)

"There's a magical force that stops you from going here when it's not raining." -- use a rain potion

RGB puzzle -- ????

Arrows -- solution to floor 2 puzzle

Altar thing -- unlocks Purple Key Guardian

Floor 2 portal located just before the prison cells

Floor 2

Requires portal base 2 and portal 2 -- portal base 2 from elite gathering, portal 2 from g3

Arrow puzzle -- solution is arrows from floor 1

Secret room

Castle Saltwater Crocodile

Castle Yeti

Castle Merchant -- Sells g3 portal

Buying portal 3 from Castle Merchant -- requires purchasing the boots and attaching puffer needles to them to cross the ice. The hint is on a paper on the wall at the end

Door puzzle -- find the odd one out each time

**Note there is nothing past the goblin dad

Floor 3 portal located next to goblin dad across the ice

Floor 3

Requires portal base 3 and portal 3 -- portal base 3 from elite gathering, portal 3 from Castle Merchant

Arrow puzzle -- reverse order of the floor 1 arrows

Faradox fight -- required to start a quest. Attempt the fight.

Should obtain a new mould -- give all the metals it asks for. Drop it down the hole located near the beginning of floor 3. This unlocks the dungeon.


Currently only one room -- unlocks the Guardian Trio. These drop Guardian Combo Loot, which give G4 keys.