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Canoe is the second type of Fishing boat crafted with 24 Crafting CraftingSigil.png Level, which the player may send out to receive medium random amounts of random Fish. Fishing Orb does not have an effect on the Row Boat.

It is only possible to send out one Boat at a time, unless the player has crafted the Boating Dock.

The chances of receiving Fish from this type of boat are:

Image Fish Possible Amount Chance
RawSalmon.png Raw Salmon 1 - 3 100%
1 - 5 50%
1 - 10 9.09%
RawTrout.png Raw Trout 1 - 2 33.33%
RawPike.png Raw Pike 1 - 2 10%
RawEel.png Raw Eel 1 - 3 3.23%
RawRainbowFish.png Raw Rainbow Fish 1 0.5%