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Brewing is a type of skill which helps the player to create potions, which allows players to receive temporary boosts to other different type of skills.

Usually, all of the brewing materials may be gained via the Farming skill.

During brewing, all of the brewing materials give different XP outputs as per below:

Image Brewing Material XP given per item when brewing
RedMushroom.png Red Mushrooms 5 xp
DottedGreenLeaf.png Dotted Green Leaves 25 xp
GreenLeaf.png Green Leaves 100 xp
LimeLeaf.png Lime Leaves 250 xp
GoldLeaf.png Gold Leaves 800 xp
StrangeLeaf.png Strange Leaves 500 xp

These are the following potions, which may currently be brewed within the game:

Image Potion Level Required Materials Needed Description/Effect XP Given Default Duration**
StardustPotion.png Stardust Potion 1 3 Dotted Green Leaves Gain some stardust overtime. (~1 500 Stardust per potion) 75 xp 5 minutes
EnergyPotion.png Energy Potion 3 10 Red Mushrooms Gain a small amount of energy, allowing you to fight using the combat skill. 50 xp 15 seconds
AntiDiseasePotion.png Anti-disease Potion 5 6 Green Leaves, 20 Red Mushrooms Decreases your chance of farming crops dying by 50%. 250 xp 20 minutes
TreeSpeedPotion.png Tree Speed Potion 8 4 Green Leaves, 25 Red Mushrooms Trees grow twice as fast. 525 xp 1 hour
SmeltingUpgradePotion.png Smelting Upgrade Potion* 10 3 Green Leaves, 50 Red Mushrooms Smelting ore will yield a better metal bar.

Copper bar → Iron bar; Iron bar → Silver bar; Silver bar → Gold bar

550 xp 1 minute
GreatStardustPotion.png Great Stardust Potion 13 10 Green Leaves, 3 Lime Leaves, 35 Red Mushrooms Gain more stardust overtime. (~7,5k - 10k Stardust per potion) 1 925 xp 5 minutes
FarmingSpeedPotion.png Farming Speed Potion 15 100 Red Mushrooms Crops grow twice as fast. 500 xp 1 hour
RareMonsterPotion.png Rare Monster Potion 20 15 Dotted Green Leaves, 50 Red Mushrooms, 3 Strange Leaves 100% chance to find a rare monster when fighting.

Works in: Fields, Forest, Caves, Volcano

2 125 xp 30 seconds
SuperStardustPotion.png Super Stardust Potion 25 10 Green Leaves, 3 Gold Leaves, 200 Red Mushrooms Gain a lot of stardust overtime. 4 400 xp 5 minutes
HeatPotion.png Heat Potion 30 15 Green Leaves, 3 Lime Leaves, 50 Red Mushrooms +1 heat for every log. 2 500 xp 5 minutes
BonePotion.png Bone Potion 35 30 Dotted Green Leaves, 1 Gold Leaf, 10 Bones Gain bones overtime. 1 550 xp 4 hours
PromethiumPotion.png Promethium Potion 40 20 Green Leaves, 1 Promethium Ore Triples your promethium ores obtained from mining machinery. 2 000 xp 8 hours
SuperRareMonsterPotion.png Rare Monster Potion+ 45 80 Dotted Green Leaves, 200 Red Mushrooms, 6 Strange Leaves 100% chance to find a rare monster when fighting.

Works in: Northern fields, ghost mansion, beach.

6 000 xp 30 seconds
UltraStardustPotion.png Ultra Stardust Potion 45 20 Lime Leaves, 8 Gold Leaves, 200 Red Mushrooms Gain even more of stardust overtime. 12 900 xp 5 minutes


  • (*) If the the player wants to make 5 gold bars with just one smelting upgrade potion, it is possible to drink the Smelting Upgrade Potion at the last bar smelted after 12 seconds (note that it is not 13 seconds due to the potion being drunk at the NEXT tick).
  • (**) Default duration increases by 25% with every higher gem slotted into the Brewing Kit.

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