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Blood Skeleton
Damage Melee.png 40
Accuracy Accuracy.png 21
Speed BunnySigil.png 3
Defence Defence.png 0
Health Heart.png 100

Blood Skeletons are rare type of Blood Monsters which may be found in the Blood Caves. Lantern or the Ring of Light are recommended, when fighting Blood Skeletons

Blood Skeletons are known for their plentiful drops of Blood Bones, Blood Skeleton Ribcages, Skeleton Swords, Skeleton Shields and Bone Amulets which are useful for Invention and Farming.

SkeletonIcon.png Loot Table SkeletonIcon.png
Image Item Name Amount Dropped Rarity
BloodBones.png Blood Bones 3 - 6 Always
BloodSkeletonRibcage.png Blood Skeleton Ribcage 1 Always
SkeletonSword.png Skeleton Sword 1 - 2 Common
SkeletonShield.png Skeleton Shield 1 - 2 Common
CavesTablette4.png Caves Tablette #4 1 Common
BoneAmulet.png Bone Amulet 1 - 2 Common
Promethium.png Promethium Ore 1 - 10 Uncommon
SkeletonIcon.png Skeleton Sigil 1 1/1 000 (0.1%)
BloodMoon.png Blood Moon Sigil 1 1/10 000 (0.01%)

BeeMonster.png Monsters BeeMonster.png
Fields (Blood Fields) ChickenMonster.png Chicken (Blood Chicken) RatIcon.png Rat (Blood Rat) SpiderIcon.png Spider (Blood Spider)
LizardIcon.png Lizard (Blood Lizard) BeeMonster.png Bee (Blood Bee)
Forest (Blood Forest) SnakeIcon.png Snake (Blood Snake) AntsIcon.png Ants (Blood Ants) WolfIcon.png Wolf (Blood Wolf)
EntMonster.png Ent (Blood Ent) ThiefIcon.png Thief (Blood Thief)
Caves (Blood Caves) BearIcon.png Bear (Blood Bear) GoblinMonster.png Goblin (Blood Goblin) BatIcon.png Bat (Blood Bat)
SkeletonIcon.png Skeleton (Blood Skeleton)
Volcano (Blood Volcano) FireHawkIcon.png Fire Hawk (Blood Fire Hawk) FireGolemMonster.png Fire Golem (Blood Fire Golem) FireSnakeIcon.png Fire Snake (Blood Fire Snake)
FireWitch.png Fire Witch (Blood Fire Witch)
Northern Fields IceHawkMonster.png Ice Hawk IceWitchMonster.png Ice Witch IceGolemIcon.png Ice Golem
YetiMonster.png Yeti
Haunted Mansion GhostIcon.png Ghost ExorcistIcon.png Exorcist SkeletonMageIcon.png Grandma
ReaperIcon.png Reaper
Beach SharkIcon.png Shark SeaSoldier.png Sea Soldier Pufferfish.png Puffer Fish
SaltwaterCrocodileIcon.png Saltwater Crocodile
Castle CastleAntsIcon.png Castle Ants CastleGolemIcon.png Castle Golem CastleSaltwaterCrocodileIcon.png Castle Saltwater Crocodile
CastleYetiIcon.png Castle Yeti
Quest Bosses EntMonster.png Ent(boss) TankMonster.png Tank ThiefLeaderIcon.png Thief Leader GhostMiner.png Ghost Miner
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