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Blood Monsters are specific types of Monsters which are available only while the Blood Moon is active and are killed to obtain XP as well as loot used for Invention. There is a 1/5 (20%) chance of encountering a rare monster in any areas.

Keep in mind that Blood Monsters are much stronger versions of regular Monsters.

Magnus's Combat Guide may also be used as a guide on how to fight the monsters more effectively!

Blood Fields

Regular Monsters

Blood Chicken BloodChicken.png

Blood Rat BloodRatIcon.png

Blood Spider BloodSpider.png

Rare monsters

Blood Lizard BloodLizardIcon.png

Blood Bee BloodBeeIcon.png

Blood Forest

Regular Monsters

Blood Snake BloodSnakeIcon.png

Blood Ants BloodAntsIcon.png

Blood Wolf BloodWolfIcon.png

Rare monsters

Blood Ent BloodEntIcon.png

Blood Thief BloodThiefIcon.png

Blood Caves

Regular Monsters

Blood Bear BloodBearIcon.png

Blood Goblin BloodGoblinIcon.png

Blood Bat BloodBatIcon.png

Rare monsters

Blood Skeleton BloodSkeletonIcon.png

Blood Volcano

Regular Monsters

Blood Fire Hawk BloodFireHawk.png

Blood Fire Golem BloodFireGolem.png

Blood Fire Snake BloodFireSnake.png

Rare monsters

Blood Fire Witch BloodFireWitch.png