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This page will be dedicated for commonly asked beginner questions, often asked in chat.

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This guide is intended for new players

Very early game

After you have created your account you will immediately be sent to your mining tab. Click on your Game Shop tab and buy the Pickaxe to start mining ore. After you have bought the Pickaxe you will start to mine ores.

Once you have 3 stone in your mining tab you will get a notification from Doric The Crafter that takes you to your Quests tab. Once you start the Quest you will have to start following the prompts from Doric The Crafter.

After you finish with the prompts Doric will unlock the Crafting skill for you. Craft the Stone Furnace as you will need it later.

Navigate to the Crafting tab and craft the Stone Statue. Once you have crafted the Stone Statue go back to your Quests tab and click on Doric The Crafter.

Follow the prompts then you will have completed the Quest. You will then receive 5 Bronze Bars from completing the quest.

Using the 5 Bronze Bars you, navigate to your Crafting craft the Bronze Oil Well. Once you have collected 50 oil the The Gem Seeker Quest will become available to you. Start the Quest and Follow the Prompts.

Once you are done with the prompts Smelt 7-10 Copper Ore in your Stone Furnace. Once at least 7 bars are finished smelting craft a drill. Go to your Mining tab and click on the drill and activate it. You will then start to get gem shards. Once you get a Sapphire Fragment, Emerald Fragment, Ruby Fragment, and a Diamond Fragment go to The Gem Miner and give him all the Fragments. This will require you to click on him multiple times and follow the prompts multiple times.

Once you have given him all 4 Fragments and have gotten all 4 Gem Scrolls click on all 4 gem scrolls and read them. Go back to The Gem Miner follow the prompts and finish the quest.

Early Game

From This Point On Start using this Combat Guide made painstakingly by Magnus.