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WIKI - Idle Pixel

This page will be dedicated for commonly asked beginner questions, often asked in chat.

Here's a good example of what this page could look like. Use for inspiration. DO NOT DELETE.


Getting Started

Once you create your account, you'll be directed to the Game Shop where you can purchase a Pickaxe. After that, passively mine 5 stone, return to the Game Shop and purchase the Anvil to partially unlock your Crafting skill.

Remember, Idle-Pixel is first and foremost, an idle game. In some aspects progress will be fast, in others it may be a wait of hours or days.

First Quest: Introduction to Crafting with Doric The Crafter

  1. Collect 3 stone in your Mining tab.
  2. Navigate to Quests in the sidebar and click on the first Quest.
  3. Complete the quest instructions from Doric The Crafter to fully unlock the Crafting skill.
  4. Craft a Stone Furnace for later use.

Resource Management: Oil and Bronze Bars

  1. Use the first 5 Bronze Bars to craft a Bronze Oil Well.
  2. Oil is used to fuel the drills and the Stone Furnace. The drill consumes 1 oil per second, balancing out with the oil well.

Second Quests: The Gem Seeker

  1. Immediately after completing Doric The Crafter's quest, initiate The Gem Seeker quest.
  2. Craft a drill. You can craft 3, only one is required for quest completion.
  3. Activate the drill in the Mining tab.
  4. Collect four types of Gem fragments over time: Sapphire Fragment, Emerald Fragment, Ruby Fragment, Diamond Fragment.
  5. Each time you collect a fragment, return it to The Gem Seeker.
  6. After each return, a scroll will appear in your Mining tab. Read it to continue.
  7. Repeat this process for all four types of Gem fragments to complete the quest.

Levelling Restrictions and Additional Quests

  1. XP can be gained up to level 30 in both Mining and Crafting.
  2. To advance beyond level 30, complete the Stardust Expert quest.

Note on Gem Discovery Rates

 You will passively find Gems while playing the game; nothing can influence the rate at which you will find these.
  • Sapphire: 1 in 100,000 per second (Approx. every 27 hours)
  • Emerald: 1 in 250,000 per second (Approx. every 69 hours or 3 days)
  • Ruby: 1 in 500,000 per second (Approx. every 139 hours or 6 days)
  • Diamond: 1 in 1,000,000 per second (Approx. every 278 hours or 12 days)

 Keep in mind that these rates are probabilistic; actual results may vary.

Early Game

Start the achievements quest and complete the goals. They are pretty easy but you might need to wait a bit for ores. To get the broken rake you need to buy leather from the shop and craft the gloves ...Work in Progress...

From This Point On Start using this Combat Guide made painstakingly by Magnus.