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Bonemeal is used to plant higher level seeds in Farming. It is obtained from converting Bones to Bonemeal using the Bonemeal bin.

Different types of bones will yield different amounts of Bonemeal. The amounts are shown below:

Image Bone Type How to get? Double Drops after killing Monsters? Bonemeal Given
Bones.png Bones Killing Monsters, Bone Potion
Yes, with BoneAmulet.png
1 Bonemeal.png
BigBones.png Big Bones Killing Saltwater Crocodiles, Friendly Forest while Gathering
2 Bonemeal.png
Ashes.png Ashes Killing Monsters in Volcano
Yes, with AshesAmulet.png
2 Bonemeal.png
IceBones.png Ice Bones Killing Monsters in Northern Fields
Yes, with IceAmulet.png
3 Bonemeal.png
BloodBones.png Blood Bones Killing Blood Monsters
Yes, with BloodAmulet.png
4 Bonemeal.png

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