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Ancient Ore is a type of ore that is primarily obtained from Mining. It can be used to smelt into Ancient Bars with a Furnace, consuming 5 000 Oil.

MiningSigil.png Mining Machinery needed to mine Giant Excavators GiantExcavator.png
MiningSkill.png XP per item ???? MiningSkill.png
Oil.png Oil needed to smelt 5,000 Oil.png
Charcoal.png Charcoal needed to smelt 40 Charcoal.png
Lava.png Lava needed to smelt 2 Lava.png
Plasma.gif Plasma needed to smelt 1 Plasma.gif
Coins.png Game Shop Sell Price 1 000 Coins.png
CraftingSigil.png May be smelted into: Ancient Bars AncientBar.png

Ancient Ore will yield ???? Mining XP per ore with a Pickaxe, making it the least common way to level Mining compared to other Ores.

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